The concept of translation before 1980

The concept of translation during this period before translation courses were set up was one of philology and linguistics: on the one hand, translation was a way of learning and teaching languages and, on the other, the focus was on literary texts with a predominance of the literal method. As we approach the 1960s[1] (Paiva Boleo was already a forerunner in Portugal in 1960), we find a growing need to train translators to meet the demands of the market, and voices gradually began to emerge to defend the idea of studying translation given the complete separation between the world of professional practice and that of academic research.

  • [1] The need to study translation in Spain was first discussed in 1955, although it wouldnot be realised until the 1970s. The only regulated professional career was the one forofficial interpreters dependent on the Secretariat for Foreign Affairs at the Ministry ofState in the early twentieth century, and later at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, andalso the diplomatic corps and consular personnel (Monterrey 65).
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