Bound by translation: Portugal and Brazil in the first half of the 20th century

Abstract: This article investigates the case of Brazilian translations imported and censored by the Portuguese within the context of the commercial, ideological and cultural relationship between Portugal and Brazil. By looking at various sorts of documents, it tries to understand the circumstances leading to the appearance and dissemination of these translations in Portugal.

Keywords: Brazilian translations, Estado Novo, censorship, Luso-Brazilian relationship, clandestine books.


The issue of the relationship between Portugal and Brazil during the first half of the twentieth century has been an object of study by historians and sociologists on both sides of the Atlantic. Despite some disagreement, scholars have shown that the relationship between the two countries became increasingly more important for both parties during this period. While studies have considered different aspects of the relationship, namely the cultural and, more specifically, the literary connection, the issue of translations exchanged between the two countries has not been addressed. Yet, a common language and the constraints imposed by the Portuguese censorship during the period under consideration raise the question as to the presence of Brazilian versions in Portugal.

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