The archaeology of foreign war literature translated in Portugal

It is during the 1930s that the largest number of translated narratives was published. Between 1921 and 1939, twenty-six titles of foreign authors were published, particularly in 1931 and 1935, when Portuguese narrative was becoming less and less abundant.

While the national literature, as stated above, aimed at glorifying the courage and the spirit of self-denial of the Portuguese soldiers, translated literature, despite pursuing similar objectives in relation to soldiers of other nationalities (mainly French, English and German), also added new perspectives on the conflict.

Most translations published in Portuguese as books were of German origin (13 titles), although they were not all translated directly from German. In many cases French was the mediating language. French-speaking authors account for the second largest group of translations (10 titles). Far more reduced in number are Spanish (4 titles), English (2 titles), North-American (2 titles) and Czech (1 title) authors.

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