English authors

The number of translations from English is really reduced, since only two titles can be mentioned. One of them was Great Britain and the war. A book for boys and girls by Herbert Strang, pseudonym of George Herbert Ely (1866-1958) and Charles James L’Estrange (1867-1947), published in Portuguese under the title A Inglaterra e a Guerra. Manual para criangas, and was distributed by the Comite de Propaganda Aliadofila [The Committee for the pro-Allied propaganda]. This small book must have inspired other similar Portuguese texts: De como Portugal foi chamado para a Guerra. Historia para criangas [On how Portugal was called to join the war. History for children] (1918), by Ana de Castro Osorio (1872-1935), and Portugal e a Guerra. Manual para criangas [Portugal and the war. A textbook for children] (1917) by D. Tomas de Noronha (1870-1934).

The second title was A verdade acerca da batalha da Jutlandia (1935), the Portuguese translation of The Truth about Jutland by J.E.T. Harper (1874-1949). Although the English text was published in 1927, the Portuguese translation came to light only eight years later, when the government in Portugal was clearly pro- Germany. Probably this can be explained by the fact of its containing some observations and considerations which were not very favourable to some prominent names of the British Navy. In 1935 this text was probably useful to support the German cause.

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