The case management function

This case management function is intrinsic to the therapeutic task and is perceived as having equal therapeutic value to the contact with the patients. This returns us to ways in which we can manage risk for young people with embedded problems, which means that we must be particularly attuned to ways in which we can create connections and not disconnections between the therapy and the outside world in the best interests of the child and young person.

It is not unusual in these situations to find school staff and counsellors as anxious and paralysed as the parents and as worried about ‘doing the wrong thing’. They may also be concerned about challenging the young person as well as the parents. Without revealing confidential information, it is possible to help school staff work out their own formulation of the problem, as it affects the young person within the school setting. Just as the parents are helped to use their authority in the home setting, the professionals in the school setting can be helped to be free to use their authority as it applies within the school. This may lead to shared meetings with the parents and with the young person when appropriate.

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