Cultural cooperation with Latin America

Latin America is an excellent example of how the EU deploys a multilevel cultural cooperation strategy. On the bilateral level, it has relations with individual countries, amongst whom Brazil and Mexico are the most notable as the two leaders in the region. Both benefit from their own programmes for cultural cooperation with the EU. On the supranational level, the EU has relations with the CARIFORUM, Mercosur, Central and Andean America groups of countries. Owing to historical connections, Spain and Portugal have developed a distinct relationship with Latin American countries. This complements and contributes to strengthening the links between both sides of the Atlantic.

The EU cooperation strategy with Latin America is formulated by the guidelines of multilateralism, regional integration and social cohesion. In its December 2005 Communication A reinforced European Union-Latin America partnership (European Commission, 2005j), the Commission restated its aim of a strategic partnership with the entire Latin America region and stressed the need for policy dialogue, targeted cooperation, promotion of trade and investment, as well as improved alignment of cooperation with the political agendas and the needs of partner countries. EU cultural instruments in the region come under the following broader EU policies: culture, trade and development cooperation.

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