Orientalism Revisited: Art, Land and Voyage

I Imagining the OrientThe Muslim world in British historical imaginations. ‘Re-thinking Orientalism’?Can the (sub)altern resist? A dialogue between Foucault and SaidPower to resist, or resistance to power?Foucault and (sub)altern agencyPenultimate conclusionNotesBibliographyEdward Said and the political presentReading OrientalismRepresentationThe history of empire and the fallacy of OccidentalismHistoryThe work of beginningIntellectuals and criticismSaid’s humanismPolemicsConclusionNotesBibliographyNew Orientalisms for old. Articulations of the East in Raymond Schwab, Edward Said and two nineteenth-century French orientalistsOrientalism and The Oriental RenaissanceSchwab and Said on the Orientalism of Renan and GobineauGobineau’s Romantic OrientalismOrientaliste manqueNotesBibliographyOrientalism and Sufism. An overviewAcademic studies of Sufism: philology and the Aryan roots of Islamic mysticismPragmatic studies of Sufism: colonialism and sociologyBeyond the opposition between West and EastNotesBibliographyII ArtOrientalism in arts and crafts revisited. The modern and the anti-modern: the lessons from the OrientVisual ethnography, stereotypes and photographing AlgeriaID cards: “speaking likenesses”The emergence of the ID card of the “disappeared”The circulation of Algerian ID photos in North African homes and Western museums“One day captions will be needed”: Dennis Adams and the Getty Exhibition, Walls of AlgiersNotesBibliographyIII Land Revisiting Edward W. Said’s Palestine. Between Nationalism and post-ZionismThe question of Palestine and historical ‘truth’Said and the exilic intellectualNotesBibliographyStudies and souvenirs of Palestine and Transjordan. The revival of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem and the rediscovery of the Holy Land during the nineteenth centuryThe poetics and narrative of Etudes et Souvenirs de l’OrientTome premier: frames and memories of De Wandelbourg’s journey in the Holy LandTome deuxieme: visiting the Bilad a-Sham with Mgr ValergaConclusionNotesBibliographyArabizing the Bible. Racial supersessionism in nineteenth- century Christian art and biblical scholarshipBefore the long nineteenth centuryTraveling in search of the BibleRacial supersessionismThe Aryanization of JesusNotesBibliographyOrientalism and bibliolatry. Framing the Holy Land in nineteenth- century Protestant Bible customs textsAccustomed to Bible landsPicturing the land and the BookAll Arabs present and accounted forNotesBibliographyIV Voyage The Orient’s medieval ‘Orient(alism)’. The Rihla of Sulayman al-TajirIbn Battuta in wanderland: voyage as text. Was Ibn Battuta an orientalist?The genre of rihlaThe Rihla of Ibn JubayrThe Rihla of Ibn BaftQJaThe Voyage to BulgharChina: the lure of the exotic otherThe travels of Marco PoloThe Surprising Adventures of Baron MunchausenTravels with a Donkey in the CevennesNotesBibliographyV The Occidental MirrorThe Maghreb and the Occident. Towards the construction of an Occidentalist discourseDefining OccidentalismThe Maghreb and the OccidentWhat is Occidentalism?ConclusionNotesBibliography
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