Human rights and social justice in a global perspective : an introduction to international social wo

PrefaceInternational Social DevelopmentThe Effect of Maps on Our WorldviewYour Geographical KnowledgeThe Social Development ApproachModernization TheoryDependency TheoryDistorted Development Within CountriesGoals of This TextHuman RightsUniversal and Indivisible?Other Human Rights DocumentsThe Role of the United NationsMonitoring Human RightsThe Human Rights ApproachApplicability of the Human Rights Approach to Social WorkWorld Wide Web Resources on Human RightsInternational Network for Economic, Social and Cultural RightsHuman TraffickingTypes of Human TraffickingExploitation by the StateEconomic Exploitation by Private CitizensSexual Exploitation by Private CitizensWhat Can Be DoneThe Professional Role of Social WorkersConclusionCulture Box HUMAN TRAFFICKING AND THAiLANDWorld Wide Web Resources on Forced LaborInternational Child WelfareConvention on the Rights of the ChildChild LaborStreet ChildrenChildren in the Sex TradeChildren in Armed ConflictChild MaltreatmentInternational AdoptionStateless ChildrenAccess to EducationThe Professional Role of Social WorkersCulture Box INTERNATIONAL ADOPTiON AND CHiNAWorld Wide Web Resources on International Child WelfareWar and ConflictImpact of War and ConflictPhysical and Mental Health ImpactsSexual Violence During ConflictImpact on Men, Women, and ChildrenRefugees and Asylum SeekersThailandPakistanUnited StatesIsraelAustraliaServices for Affected PopulationsConflict Diamonds and Conflict MineralsThe Professional Role of Social WorkersConclusionCulture Box COLOMBiAWorld Wide Web ResourcesAIDSThe Intertwining of AIDS and PovertyFighting BackBehavior ChangeFocused ProgramsCondom ProvisionMale CircumcisionAccess to Antiretroviral TreatmentCountry-Wide InterventionsThailandChinaBotswanaProfessional Role of Social WorkersCulture Box THE FiGHT AGAiNST HiV/AiDS iN MALAWiWorld Wide Web Resources on AIDSIssues Particularly Affecting WomenEquity Versus EfficiencyViolence Against WomenFemale Genital CuttingEarly MarriageIntimate Partner ViolenceDowry DeathsHonor KillingsUnequal Under the LawWomen’s HealthAccess to EducationWomen and DevelopmentProfessional Role of Social WorkersCulture Box MICROFINANCE iN BANGLADESHThe Sixteen Decisions of the Grameen BankWorld Wide Web ResourcesSocial Work and the Physical EnvironmentClimate ChangeFacing the ChallengeWorld Wide Web ResourcesMillennium Development Goals and BeyondProgress on the Millennium Development GoalsGoal 1: Eradicate Extreme Poverty and HungerGoal 2: Achieve Universal Primary EducationGoal 3: Promote Gender Equality and Empower WomenGoal 4: Reduce Child MortalityGoal 5: Improve Maternal HealthGoal 6: Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria, and Other DiseasesGoal 7: Ensure Environmental SustainabilityGoal 8: Develop a Global Partnership for DevelopmentBeyond 2015World Wide Web ResourcesA Call to Action
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