Professional Role of Social Workers

Throughout this chapter, different issues that affect women solely because of their gender have been discussed, but the impact of poverty and lack of education has been clear. The research findings of multiple international organizations support the fact that for global social and economic development to occur, women must become empowered. Due to our ethical grounding in empowerment, social workers are an ideal group to help empower disenfranchised groups. We are able to work both with international NGOs and local movements to help women achieve a culturally relevant model of equality.

Due to varied means by which women experience discrimination, there are a variety of methods that social workers can use to help alleviate the situation. Social workers can work on the macro level to help change laws to allow women equal rights under the law; they can also work on the mezzo and micro levels to increase acceptance of the new laws and open up opportunities for women. The vision of equality for women should not be based on a Western model but should evolve from within the society and should take into account what those citizens want to achieve. Recognizing the client as the expert is another method in which social workers can help achieve a culturally relevant, more equitable world.

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