The complete book of option spreads and combinations

FOREWORDPREFACEThe Spreads and CombinationsNot Just More or Less but DifferentThe “Flavors”: Calls and PutsThe Expiration DateThe Strike PriceAn Option Corresponds to 100 Shares of StockDefining an OptionMoneynessWhat We Mean by Spread and CombinationA Final ThoughtJust a Little MathThe Option PriceVolatility and the Volatility Implied by the Option PriceOption ErosionOption Price SensitivitiesSensitivity to the Passage of TimeSensitivity to the Price of the Underlying StockChanges in VolatilityOther SensitivitiesVertical SpreadsBuying and Selling Vertical SpreadsVertical Spread Maximum and Minimum ValuesNamingMoneyness and Vertical SpreadsBullish and Bearish Vertical SpreadsSelling a Call Vertical SpreadBreakeven PointsThe Necessary Price ActionVertical Spreads and Your Market OutlookAsymmetry of Risk and Reward for Vertical SpreadsOption Delta and LikelihoodVertical Spread Value Prior to ExpirationThe Other GreeksThe Best Measure of Vertical Spread CostIn-the-Money Vertical SpreadsCovered CallsProfitabilityCovered Calls and Downside Protection — Not As Much As We'd LikeUsing Covered Calls to “Create” DividendsHaving Your Shares Called AwayDon't Fear AssignmentStock Covered Vertical Call SpreadCovered PutsThe Regret PointMarket OutlookOut-of-the-Money Covered PutsIn-the-Money Covered PutsAt-the-Money or Nearly At-the-MoneyCovered Put versus Covered CallSelling the February 116 Strike Covered Put at 3.60Buying GLD at 116.00 and Selling the February 116 Strike Call at 3.60Calendar SpreadsCall Calendar SpreadsSelling Calendar SpreadsDirectionalityCatalystsThe Super CalendarStraddlesThe Short StraddleLikelihoodsSelling Covered StraddlesStranglesSelling StranglesSelling Covered StranglesCollarsWider CollarsIn-the-Money CollarsPotential OutcomesA Zero-Cost CollarSkewHow a Collar Is Similar to Other Spreads and CombinationsPut Spread CollarCall Spread CollarRisk ReversalLikelihoodsHow Skew Helps a Risk ReversalCall Spread Risk ReversalButterfliesBuying and Selling Butterflies — The TerminologyPut ButterfliesButterflies Prior to ExpirationButterflies and Your Market ExpectationsBroken ButterfliesCondors and Iron CondorsSelling a CondorThe Bid/Ask Spread and Condor SpreadsIron CondorDirectional CondorsConversion / ReversalReversalDividendsPin RiskRatio Spreads and Back SpreadsVertical Spreads, Butterflies, and Ratio SpreadsCall Ratio SpreadsCall Ratio Spreads for Stock RepairBack SpreadsSuper Back SpreadsOther Spreads and CombinationsMarried PutDiagonal SpreadIron ButterflyChristmas TreeBox SpreadJelly RollStupidGutsOther Potential Spreads and CombinationsABOUT THE WEBSITEABOUT THE AUTHOR
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