Developing and implementing tracking systems for case-based malaria control

Malaria pre-elimination requires case-based control. For each case, certain actions are carried out and data is collected. Android-based apps for handheld devices make it possible to use tracking-based systems on mobile phones to support case-based malaria control. These use GPS and plotting of x, y coordinates, and are linked to a GIS. Such Android apps can be used for both general and specific uses, for example, for IDSR, TB, and mortality reporting.

Integrating logistics and drug management in district health information systems and health management information systems

Several countries are using reporting systems to capture some level of com- modity/stock availability, varying from stockouts of tracer drugs to more elaborate stock management at facility level. Cold chain management is another application area in logistics management, which provides added value when linked with routine immunization service data, to match demand and supply. Further innovation and standardization of approaches is needed for: integration of specialized logistic management information systems (LMIS) with the national HMIS reporting systems; developing improved visualizations combining service and logistics/stock data; basic stock management at facility levels; and for the use of mobile clients to improve stock reporting and notifications/alerts.

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