Financial Reports

In 2010, financial reports account for 20% of texts, and in these the news of BP’s first quarter results competes with the ongoing news of the oil spill; 27 April 2011 is again results day, and the first quarter results become the main story in texts mentioning the BP events, accounting for 40% of items. The spill is mentioned (this is more or less the first anniversary) but in the context of Quarter 1 results. By 2012, only 13% of texts about the BP events fall into the financial reports pages.

Spoken Interviews

Of the six spoken interviews in the full data sample, four are Fair Disclosure interviews in which annual company earnings are discussed in conference calls and are presented in transcript by Nexis. These did not all concern BP solely, but BP was mentioned in all. The other two, both in 2011, are an interview with Michael Greenberger, of the Center for Health and Homeland Security, and a transcript of a speech made by Assistant Attorney General Tony West at the University of Chicago Law School. Both make reference to BP only in passing, in the first case as an instance of a crisis to be dealt with at a national level, and in the second as an example of a large litigation case.

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