Stage 3: A Depth Analysis at the Level of the Code

Chapter 8 discussed three language features at the semiotic level of the sign. The depth analysis continues with a further three features which are situated at the level of the code: genre, intertextuality and the system of modality.

Feature 4: Genre

Definition and Analysis Method

I have considered issues of genre in two places in my analysis. I outlined at the contextualisation stage those genres which were represented in the data, and indicated the frequency and relative importance of the genres within the data sets, and how these changed over three years. In order to do this, I offered a definition and a categorisation of news media genres, found in Fig. 6.1, and these remained the basis for my consideration of genre at this depth analysis stage. The findings which follow focus on the extent to which typical genre characteristics were evident in my data, and © The Author(s) 2017

J. Gravells, Semiotics and Verbal Texts, Postdisciplinary Studies in Discourse, DOI 10.1057/978-1-137-58750-3_9

how the dominant genres in each data set influence the ways we understand the crisis representation.

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