Summary of Section II

Section II has focused on an analysis approach rooted in Barthes’ view of how meaning is made in texts of all kinds. This section has offered the following theoretical and practical support for written text analysis:

  • • A theoretical grounding, introducing a four-level heuristic for the understanding of texts.
  • • A guide to data collection and research principles, based on the research of the BP Deepwater Horizon story in the news media.
  • • A plan for a four-stage analysis of data:
    • - Stage 1: contextualisation of the BP texts.
    • - Stage 2: a preliminary analysis of the BP texts (immersion stage).
    • - Stage 3: a depth analysis of the data, based on the four-level heuristic.
    • - Stage 4: a holistic analysis of a single text.
  • • Illustrative findings from the BP crisis coverage in the media for each of the four stages above.

In Section III, I take these findings and make use of another semiotic conceptualisation, drawn from the ideas of C.S. Peirce, to synthesise and interpret the data.

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