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A short course of lectures
«Implementing enterprise risk management»

BENEFITS OF MEASURING PERFORMANCE IN ERM PROGRAMSEMERGENCE OF ERM IN HIGHER EDUCATIONINFLUENCE DIAGRAMSBACKGROUND – OPERATING ENVIRONMENTSector RisksTHE CONTEXTB – QUESTIONSTHE BEGINNINGS OF THE RISK MANAGEMENT JOURNEYABOUT THE CONTRIBUTORABOUT THE CONTRIBUTORBACKGROUNDFMECA Example 1: Engineering ProcessThe Function of ContentBusiness OperationsMATURING: YEARS 1 AND 2BACKGROUND AND IMPLEMENTATIONRisk Oversight PrinciplesTWO: OUTCOME AND LESSONS LEARNEDCity Auditor's ReportABOUT THE CONTRIBUTORABOUT THE CONTRIBUTORChallenges and Obstacles of ERM Implementation in PolandPortfolio 2: EquitiesPerceived RisksWhy LCT?Example #12. Chapter 20: Legal Risk Post-SOX and the Subprime FiascoTHE PAPA MODELABOUT THE CONTRIBUTORSEnvironmental Protection DepartmentThe Role of VaR in Enterprise Risk Management: Calculating Value at Risk for Portfolios Held by the Vane Mallory Investment BankERM in Practice at the University of California Health SystemAPPENDIX III: ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHOCOLATE FACTORY, INC.TWO CONTENTIOUS RECOMMENDATIONSREGULATORY ENVIRONMENTRisk FrameworkTHE FUTUREKILGORE CUSTOM MILLINGRisk Management ApproachRECOMMENDED STRATEGIC ERM MODELKey Success FactorsWho Was to Blame?INTENDED USES FOR OUR APPROACHOPTIMIZING TOTAL RISKTHE FMECA PROCESSERM DEVELOPMENT IN THE PASTMilk Markets OverviewThe Astro GroupLessons Learned: Strategic Risk Mitigation and Decision SupportEfficient Frontier Insurance FrameworkBringing It All TogetherAPPENDIX A: JAA INC. FINANCIAL STATEMENTSOUTCOMES AND LESSONS LEARNEDExternal AuditorsOptimizing the Risk and Reward Balance at ZurichV: MINI-CASES ON ERM AND RISKChair of Hope City Chamber of CommercePilot pm2 Risk Scorecard MethodologyABOUT THE CONTRIBUTORSGENERAL MOTORS' APPROACH TO ENTERPRISE RISK MANAGEMENTGOVERNANCERisk Governance Approach at Zurich with Three Lines of DefenseABOUT THE CONTRIBUTORSAn Innovative Method to Teaching Enterprise Risk Management: A Learner-Centered Teaching ApproachBACKGROUNDCalculating Value at RiskPRACTICAL APPLICATIONS OF RISK MEASUREMENT FOR INSURANCEBUILDING THE RISK PROFILEWHISTLE-BLOWER COMPLAINTTHE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON: A JOURNEY OF DISCOVERYAPPENDIX B: RISK MANAGEMENT POLICYToronto Dominion Bank (TD Bank)GAINING SENIOR MANAGEMENT OWNERSHIP FOR TRANSFORMATIONVI: OTHER CASE STUDIESCreating a Risk-Aware CultureUW President and ProvostMoving Forward: Overseeing Strategy and RisksJAA Inc. – A Case Study in Creating Value from Uncertainty: Best Practices in Managing RiskExample #10. Chapter 18: Managing Financial RiskKilgore Custom MillingSOME BACKGROUND ON THE HOPE CITY POLICE SERVICEThe RCT SubsidiariesBACKGROUNDHope City Citizens for Responsible GovernmentThe Role of the TeacherIV Specialized Aspects of Risk ManagementLINKS TO STRATEGIC PLAN AND TO OTHER STRATEGIC TOOLSMAIN ISSUES IN POLAND'S ERM IMPLEMENTATIONRisk ControlLessons Learned: Understanding Corporate CultureTEMPLATE EVOLUTIONSystem ReliabilityCase Facts: General BackgroundRisk Culture at ZurichASSOCIATION A: LONDON & QUADRANTInitial PlanningRisk Governance StructureWORKING WITH EXTERNAL STAKEHOLDERSThe Reluctant General CounselTHE INVESTMENT PERFORMANCE DASHBOARDABOUT THE CONTRIBUTORSDiscovery, Damage Control, and RetributionOperational Risk Management Case Study: Bon BoulangerieThe Balance of PowerUW UnitsBoard CompositionEVOLUTION OF ERM AT AOLNerds GaloreBACKGROUNDBLUE WOOD FINANCIAL PERFORMANCEINITIAL ACTIONSMALAYSIALOCAL CULTUREDeveloping the ApproachComparison of pm2 and ISO 31000 FrameworksExample #8. Chapter 16: Operational Risk ManagementMajor Competitive FactorsPrinciplesSUCCESSFUL FIRMS: JPMORGAN CHASE, GOLDMAN SACHS, WELLS FARGO, AND TD BANKLeadershipABOUT THE CONTRIBUTORRisk Appetite DeterminationWHO IS GETTING MANAGEMENT BUY-IN FOR ERM?East End Residents AssociationThe Responsibility for LearningFrom Business to Retail to Investment Banking, from Private to Public to State OwnershipAdvisory Committee Recommendations: Create a Culture-Specific ERM ProgramMONTE CARLO SIMULATION (STEP 2)DEVELOPING A MORE SOPHISTICATED APPROACH TO RISK ANALYSIS AND EVALUATIONInformation TechnologyERM at TD BankConsolidationIntegrated Assessment and AssuranceRISK AGGREGATIONERM STRUCTURE AT UWAROP: ACTIVE RISK ASSESSMENT OF BUSINESS PROJECTS (STEP 3)Total the ImpactsDeveloping a Strategic Risk Plan for the Hope City Police ServiceExample #11. Chapter 19: Bank Capital Regulation and Enterprise Risk ManagementLEVERAGING ERM TO PRACTICE STRATEGIC RISK MANAGEMENTOrganizational Type Impacts Institutional CulturePresident of the Police AssociationZurich Economic Capital ModelCAPITAL MANAGEMENTCORPORATE RISK EXERCISETangible ResultsRISK MANAGEMENT PRACTICES WITHIN MECOCURRENT OVERALL ERM DEVELOPMENTCONCEPT FANSLessons Learned: Developing Top Risks Lists and Reporting to Senior ManagementV Mini-Cases on ERM and RiskBlue Wood ChocolatesChoices Made in 2012/2013LESSONS LEARNEDRisk Management Information Gathering Exercise (January 2010 to June 2011)ROLE OF ERM IN THE ACQUISITION PROCESSCommon Language and Common FrameworkOrganizational Placement of ERMForewordERM FOUNDATIONSUnderstanding an Organization's Risks Helps Reinforce the Risk CultureERM at Mars, Incorporated: ERM for Strategy and OperationsUnderstanding the IssuesChair of Police Service BoardA Strategic Approach to Enterprise Risk Management at Zurich Insurance GroupPresident's Advisory Committee on ERM (PACERM)Looking to the Future: JAA's Management of UncertaintyTHE TRANSFORMATION PROCESSRisk ToleranceII ERM Implementation at Leading OrganizationsTHE ACQUISITION AND DUE DILIGENCEStrategic Risk Management Lab CommentaryPREMIUM REBATE PROGRAMLEARNING FROM THE FIRST ERM INITIATIVEGOVERNANCE DOCUMENTS, INTERVIEWS, AND ON-SITE OBSERVATION REQUESTED BY THE AUTHORBACKGROUNDTotal Risk Profiling ToolREPORTINGOperational RepercussionsImplementation History at UWWhat Actually HappenedWHAT NEXT?: CURRENT PRIORITIES AND FUTURE DIRECTIONLeadership from the Top: President Outlines the ChargeMESSAGE FROM THE CEO REQUESTING TO MEET THE AUTHORExample: Cause and Effect Analysis on Homelessness and the Criminal Justice SystemStrategic Risk Management Lab CommentaryManagerial SupervisionAnalysis of Capital AdequacyMAJOR ACQUISITIONPostmortemMission StatementAlleged Corruption at Chessfield: Corporate Governance and the Risk Oversight Role of the Board of DirectorsLessons Learned: Identifying RisksMODERN PORTFOLIO THEORY AS A FOUNDATION FOR EFFICIENT FRONTIER ANALYSISCATEGORIZING VARIOUS RISKS AT ZURICHFORCE FIELD ANALYSISQUESTIONSControl EnvironmentTHE ROLE OF RISK MANAGERS, CHAMPIONS, AND COMMITTEESTHE NEW CONTRACTTHE TRANSFORMATION PLANDeveloping Accountability in Risk Management: The British Columbia Lottery Corporation Case StudyERM MATURITY MODELADDITIONAL TOOLS AND TECHNIQUESERM AND THE CENTER FOR HEALTH QUALITY AND INNOVATIONStep 1: Identify StrategyAGRICORE UNITEDERM PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT AND REPORTING AT INTUITFour Strategic ScenariosImplementing Risk Management within Middle Eastern Oil and Gas CompaniesJPMORGAN CHASE AFTER THE CRISIS: THE PERILS OF HUBRISASSOCIATION C: ABILITY HOUSING ASSOCIATIONINTUIT'S ERM JOURNEYPortfolio 1: Energy CommoditiesTOWARD ERM PROGRAM INITIATIONUsing Key Performance Indicators to Measure Risk Management EffectivenessOPERATING PLAN WORKSHOPSProject ManagementScopeTHE LEGO GROUP STRATEGYERM/Integrated Risk OutcomesREVITALIZING THE ERM PROGRAM – 2009-2010Citizens against Racism Community GroupCOMPANY BACKGROUNDPreparation of the Author's Report and Communication with the RegulatorAdvantages and Criticisms of VaRRISK PROFILE: RISK MAP AND ACTION PLANSLEGO STRATEGIC RISK MANAGEMENTStrategic Risk Management Lab CommentaryVI Other Case StudiesWHAT THE CONSULTANT HEARDENTERPRISE RISK MANAGEMENT (STEP 1)Case Study General FindingsGeneral Risk Management PoliciesII: ERM IMPLEMENTATION AT LEADING ORGANIZATIONSFOUR ASSOCIATIONSDefining Risk CriteriaGetting to the Root of the ProblemWar Gaming and Scenario PlanningCAUSE AND EFFECT ANALYSISThe Influence of the Size of OrganizationsSecond Evolution: Risk Mitigation Progress MeasurementEditor of the Hope City TelegraphFIVE WHYS ANALYSISAPPENDIX: LCT ERM EXAMPLES FROM THE HOWLEARNER-CENTERED TEACHING: THE WHYHELPING THE BOARD MAKE INVESTMENT DECISIONSMarket RisksSPECIFIC CHALLENGES AND OBSTACLES OBSERVED IN RISK MANAGEMENTStep 2: Identify Key Risk ElementsRISK MANAGEMENTJerome Kerviel, an Ambitious OutsiderFAILURE MODE, EFFECTS, AND CRITICALITY ANALYSISTHE COMPANYThe Monitor and Review Step – Focus of AOL's ERMTECHNOLOGYRISK MANAGEMENT FAULT LINEBim Consultants Inc.Failure and RetrenchmentWHY THE NEED FOR A BOOK WITH ERM CASE STUDIES?Starting from Scratch: The Evolution of ERM at the Workers' Compensation FundACKNOWLEDGMENTSModern Portfolio Theory (MPT)Chief Administrative Officer of the CityInstitutional ProfileMODERN PORTFOLIO CONCERNS CONTAINED IN THE FRAMEWORKTerminologyExample #6. Chapter 13: Quantitative Risk Assessment in ERMMARS' ERM HISTORYExample #9. Chapter 17: Types of RiskObjectives of Risk ManagementOperational RisksThird Evolution: Multidimensional Risk Management Performance MeasurementStrategic RisksSELECTING AND TESTING A STRATEGIC RISK MANAGEMENT MODELRisk Management MethodologyReputation RisksPROTECTED HEALTH INFORMATION VALUE ESTIMATOR (PHIve)MANAGING AND MEASURING VALUE CREATIONBoard-Level Risk Committee and Executive Risk Committee ResponsibilitiesZurich's Risk RoomABOUT THE CONTRIBUTORSStrategic Risk Management Lab CommentaryFinanceTurning Crisis into Opportunity: Building an ERM Program at General MotorsIII Linking ERM to Strategy and Strategic Risk ManagementIV: SPECIALIZED ASPECTS OF RISK MANAGEMENTSugar Markets OverviewAPPENDIX I: BLUE WOOD CHOCOLATESPerceived RisksBOARD PERCEPTION OF ERM: "WE HAVE TO CHANGE THE WAY WE RUN THE BUSINESS, BECAUSE LACK OF ERM CREATES INEFFICIENT MANAGEMENT"Uses of Efficient Frontier Analysis in Strategic Risk Management: A Technical ExaminationDocument ReviewFinancial RepercussionsCASE STUDY EXAMPLE: TACKLING VIOLENT CRIMEPurposeTHE COMPANYKEY STEPS IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE ERM PROGRAMI Overview and Insights for Teaching ERMCORPORATE GOVERNANCE IN MALAYSIATerminologyTurning the Organizational Pyramid Upside Down: Ten Years of Evolution in Enterprise Risk Management at United Grain GrowersTHE FINANCIAL RISK MANAGEMENT MEETINGADOPTING AND IMPLEMENTING ERM IN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIESLawRisk Identification, Assessment, and ReportingBusiness BackgroundEvaluation Purpose and ProcessRESTARTING THE PROGRAM-2006-2008Risk Management Move to Corporate Planning, December 2012 to PresentTransforming Risk Management at Akawini CopperHistory, Characteristics, and Assumptions of VaRLeveraging ERM to Practice Strategic Risk ManagementInsurance RisksIII: LINKING ERM TO STRATEGY AND STRATEGIC RISK MANAGEMENTComparing RCA ToolsCity GovernmentZURICH GROUP'S ENTERPRISE RISK MANAGEMENT FRAMEWORKPREPARING FOR UNCERTAINTY: DEFINING AND TESTING STRATEGIES (STEP 4)ERM CREDIT FINANCING OUTCOMESCAPITAL ALLOCATION: A FREQUENTLY MISSED PART OF THE ERM FRAMEWORK AND RISK TREATMENTJPMorgan ChaseHARVESTING VALUEGoldman SachsStrategic Risk Management Lab CommentarySociete Generale – The Rise of TradingASSOCIATION D: GREENSQUAREROLE OF THE CHIEF RISK OFFICER AND GROUP RISK MANAGEMENT AT ZURICHExample #5. Chapter 11: How to Prepare a Risk ProfileSELECTING AN ERM FRAMEWORKOrganizational StructureLearner-Centered TeachingCHESSFIELD INC. AND ITS BOARD OF DIRECTORSPerceived RisksCEO COMPENSATION ISSUEPOLICING AND RISKExample #14. Chapter 10: How to Plan and Run a Risk Management Workshop; Chapter 22: Who Reads What Most Often?Objectives and StrategyABOUT THE CONTRIBUTORWHAT NUMBERS SAY ABOUT ERM MATURITYABOUT THE LEGO GROUPVALUE MAPSONE: KERVIEL'S TRIAL – A MEDIA CIRCUSLiquidity RisksConstructive Dialogue and ERM: Lessons from the Financial CrisisERM Program StaffOperational Excellence, June 2012 to December 2012Philosophy of the ProgramSTRENGTHENING THE PROGRAM – 2010-2013ABOUT THE CONTRIBUTORSExerciseRISK AND VALUE AT RISK OVERVIEWReputational RepercussionsFirst Evolution: ERM Process AdoptionUsing Key Risk Indicators to Understand Potential New Risks or Changing RisksStep 5: Determine Indicators and Mitigation ActionsOther InputStep 3: Score Risk ElementsERM and StrategyFIVE KEY CHANGES TO PRACTICE THE WHATCHESSFIELD BOARD MEETING TO DISCUSS THE AUTHOR'S RECOMMENDATIONSCONSTRUCTIVE DIALOGUE: THE ESSENTIAL DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FIRMS THAT NAVIGATED THE CRISIS AND THOSE THAT FAILEDA – QUESTIONSTools and TechniquesFIRMS THAT FAILED TO NAVIGATE THE CRISISInterviews within the Police ServiceStrategic Risk Management Lab CommentaryRisk Assessment MethodologyValue and Risk: Enterprise Risk Management at StatoilRoles and ResponsibilitiesAGGREGATIONResults-Based BudgetingTHE MANAGEMENT TEAMCHARITABLE STATUSCONSIDERATION OF BEHAVIORAL CONCERNS IN STRUCTUREZURICH'S BUSINESS RESILIENCE TOOLSCIB Gets a Boost from Trading TalentExample #4. Chapter 8: Identifying and Communicating Key Risk IndicatorsABOUT THE CONTRIBUTORTHE ENTERPRISE RISK MANAGEMENT PROGRAMERM: A REEXAMINATION OF PURPOSEENTERPRISE RISK MANAGEMENT AT ZURICHThe Role of Root Cause Analysis in Public Safety ERM ProgramsZURICH'S PROPRIETARY TOOLS USED IN ERM FRAMEWORKORGANIZATION CULTUREABOUT THE CONTRIBUTORTD Bank's Approach to an Enterprise Risk Management ProgramCocoa Markets OverviewHousing Association Case Study of ERM in a Changing MarketplaceTOTAL RISK OPTIMIZATION: LESSONS LEARNEDInterview DataSAMPLE CASE STUDYFMECA Example 2: Operational Tactics Review ProcessSECTOR ISSUESLeveraging Technology to Support ERMYOUR TASK: CALCULATING PORTFOLIO VaR FOR VANE MALLORYCapital Budgeting ModelsLessons from the Academy: ERM Implementation in the University SettingClinical RepercussionsCredit RisksREFERENCEEvolution of Risk ManagementRecommending a Woman to Serve on the BoardStrategic Risk Management at the LEGO Group: Integrating Strategy and Risk ManagementSELF-DEALING ISSUEMARKET OVERVIEWABOUT THE CONTRIBUTORSpecific IssueRisk OwnersRisk-Sensitive CultureInternal AuditSPECIAL SITUATIONSWE HAVE TO BUILD THE CHIEF RISK OFFICER/RISK MANAGER PROFESSION FROM SCRATCHABOUT THE CONTRIBUTORExample #7. Chapter 14: Market Risk Management/Credit Risk ManagementExample #2. Chapter 3: ERM and Its Role in Strategic Planning and Strategy ExecutionFindings on the Process of Selecting and Implementing a FrameworkScope of the Risk FrameworkCOMMUNITY VIEWS ON POLICE ISSUESASSOCIATION B: RCT HOMESCompliance, Operations, and Finance Council (COFi)Bringing Everything TogetherControl Complacency: Rogue Trading at Societe GeneraleAt First a Few Side Bets, Then Massive SpeculationMECO RISK MANAGEMENT BACKGROUNDAbout the EditorsInitial Steps: Strategic Planning and Business ObjectivesExample #1. Chapter 2: A Brief History of Risk ManagementERM PROCESSES IN STATOIL TODAYUW'S ERM MODELAPPENDIX II: THE HERSHEY COMPANYWells FargoCONTEXT – CITY OF EDMONTONSTATEGIC RISK MANAGEMENT RETURN ON INVESTMENTTHE EVOLUTION OF ENTERPRISE RISK MANAGEMENTStep 4: Link Programs, Initiatives, and RisksSOME USEFUL METHODOLOGYRisks Affecting Higher EducationLOOKING FORWARDRisk Management ProcessLegal and Regulatory RepercussionsMeasuring Performance at Intuit: A Value-Added Component in ERM ProgramsExample #3. Chapter 5: Becoming the Lamp Bearer – The Emerging Roles of the Chief Risk OfficerManagement Committee Meeting, December 2011Analyzing Performance DataSETTING THE CONTEXTRisk Monitoring and ReportingEVOLUTION OF ERM AT UWRisk Management FrameworksValue at RiskInternal Control FrameworkHOW ZURICH USES ITS ERM TOOLS TO CREATE NEW VALUEERM AT STATOIL: A BRIEF HISTORYIMPACT OF THE RISK ASSESSMENT TOOLS ON THE PERFORMANCE OF THE COMPANIESASTRO OVERSEAS LIMITEDMECO STRUCTUREABOUT THE CONTRIBUTORZurich Hazard Analysis ToolRisk MeasurementTHE FRONTIERSSTRATEGIC RISK MANAGEMENT FRAMEWORK EXAMINEDEmerging Risk GroupGAME THEORYERM at Malaysia's Media Company Astro: Quickly Implementing ERM and Using It to Assess the Risk-Adjusted Performance of a Portfolio of Acquired Foreign CompaniesRISK MANAGEMENT FRAMEWORK – ACCOUNTABILITYEstablishing the Governance SystemGLOBAL ROLLOUTMETHODOLOGY TO DIAGNOSE THE STATUS OF ERM IMPLEMENTATIONHealth System Specialized ProgramsExample #13. Chapter 23: Academic Research on Enterprise Risk ManagementTHE HIGHER EDUCATION ENVIRONMENTEmbedding ERM into Strategic Planning at the City of EdmontonENTERPRISE RISK MANAGEMENT AT ASTROAdopting and Adapting the COSO ModelCulture at UWPHASE 2 – SUCCESSSociete Generale Group Snapshot, December 2006
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