As mentioned earlier, the purpose of this book is to provide case studies on ERM in order to educate executives, risk practitioners, academics, and students alike about this evolving methodology. To achieve this goal, the book is organized into the following sections:

Part I: Overview and Insights for Teaching ERM

Part II: ERM Implementation at Leading Organizations

Part III: Linking ERM to Strategy and Strategic Risk Management

Part IV: Specialized Aspects of Risk Management

Part V: Mini-Cases on ERM and Risk

Part VI: Other Case Studies

Brief descriptions of the contributors and the chapters are provided next.


The first two chapters provide an overview of ERM and guidance on ERM education. As we have pointed out, education on ERM is crucial and more universities need to offer courses in this area. Our conversations with many ERM educators and consultants highlight how extremely challenging it is to achieve excellence in ERM education.

Chapter 2, "An Innovative Method to Teaching Enterprise Risk Management: A Learner-Centered Teaching Approach," offers insights and suggestions on teaching ERM. This chapter covers the concept of flipping the classroom with learner-centered teaching (LCT), distinguishes it from traditional lectures, and describes how it can be used in teaching ERM. The LCT approach emphasizes active student participation and collaboration on in-class activities such as case studies versus the traditional lecture approach. This chapter provides several examples as to how LCT can be applied in teaching ERM, utilizing Fraser and Simkins' (2010) book. David R. Lange and Betty J. Simkins, both experienced ERM educators, team together to write this chapter. David Lange, DBA, is an Auburn University Montgomery (AUM) Distinguished Research and Teaching Professor of Finance. He has received many prestigious awards for both research and teaching from the University and from several academic associations. He has taught many courses in the area of risk management and has consulted in a significant number of individual and class insurance-related cases in both state and federal court. Betty Simkins, PhD, the Williams Companies Chair of Business and Professor of Finance at Oklahoma State University, is coeditor of this book.

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