Sub-components of assets and liabilities

For both assets and liabilities, countries may wish to identify sub-components within the standard components of Table 3.2 to meet the needs of data users and/or to facilitate data measurement. There are many possible bases on which such dissections may be specified, reflecting different user requirements and different data collection settings. Some specific components for which dissections may be useful are discussed below.

Shares in corporations

The assets component “Shares in corporations” covers the equity holdings of households in different types of businesses. These businesses may or may not have their shares listed on public stock exchanges. As equity holdings in businesses that are listed are likely to be much easier to value (as shares in these businesses have quoted prices) than those in unlisted businesses, it may be useful to distinguish listed shares from unlisted shares when collecting data. This distinction may also be useful for analytic purposes and for alignment with macro wealth statistics based on the SNA.

An illustration of the way this component may be split to show equity holdings in different types of businesses is provided below. The split is identical to that provided in the SNA (para. 11.85):

  • Shares in corporations.
  • ? Listed shares.
  • ? Unlisted shares.
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