Embellished alphabet

These methods involve altering the traditional alphabet to make it easier for children to learn to read. An example of this is the i.t.a. (initial teaching

An example of text written in the initial teaching alphabet (i.t.a.)

Figure 5.1 An example of text written in the initial teaching alphabet (i.t.a.).

alphabet), which is shown in Figure 5.1. Other such methods include the REBUS System and the DISTAR Reading System.

Language experience method

This is a method that utilizes the child’s own language for his reading material, rather than a printed reader. For example, the child might tell the teacher a story which he or she writes down and then teaches the child to read.

Multisensory method

These are sometimes referred to as V-A-K-T (visual-auditory- kinaesthetic- tactile) techniques. They involve more than just looking at the letters. Other senses are brought into play: the child listens to the sound, feels the movement by tracing the letters (often with his eyes closed), and may also be given an opportunity to feel a three-dimensional model of the letter. Multisensory methods often involve the introduction of writing together with reading, so that tracing the letters can also be accomplished.

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