Candidates need to prepare for surgery as if their life depends on

it. That includes retraining the brain and understanding that exercise does not come in a pill. As Americans watch more food shows on television, and eat more processed foods at restaurants or at home, so has their waistline increased. Devouring a 1,000 cal fast food meal in

10 minutes does not allow enough time for stomach signals from the first bite to turn off a hunger hormone in the brain.

Obesity is directly related to our present day modern diet. Grain cultivation marked the time when humans were exposed to higher levels of simple carbohydrates than their metabolism could handle. As a result, food intolerances, blood glucose imbalance, dyslipidemia, and inflammation threaten public health. Nutrition recommendations for a healthy diet have varied over the years, which creates consumer confusion.

For instance, the goal of dietary counseling during the past 20 years was to achieve and maintain a low-fat diet [6]. Clinical trials of low-fat, high-carbohydrate diets were undertaken to prevent diseases ranging from breast cancer to hyperlipidemia. Yet Dr. Walter Willet of the Harvard School of Public Health told Frontline in 2004.

There was never any strong evidence for this idea, but it was repeated so often that it became dogma.... This campaign to reduce fat in the diet has had some pretty disastrous consequences.. One of the most unfortunate unintended consequences of the fat-free crusade was the idea that if it wasn’t fat, it wouldn’t make you fat. I even had colleagues who were telling the public that you can’t get fat eating carbohydrates. Actually, farmers have known for thousands of years that you can make animals fat by feeding them grains ... and it turns out that applies to human. [7]

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