Counseling Points

  • • Weight loss can increase fertility.
  • • Wait at least 12-18 months before pregnancy. [16]
  • • Monitor nutrient intake closely.
  • • Educate obstetrics and gynecology (OB-GYN) physicians about weight loss surgery.
  • • Most choose a Cesarean delivery due to expansion of uterus and increased risk of internal herniation [17].

Monitor for gestational diabetes and pregnancy-induced hypertension Nutrition counseling regime for bariatric pregnancy includes four sessions with a nutritionist to discuss adequate nutrient supplementation, lactation, and pregnancy diet.

Session 1 [6-8 weeks] Healthy eating, dietary supplements

for first trimester

Physical activity, nausea issues

Session 2 [16-20 weeks] Body changes/discomforts, dietary

supplements and

increased protein + fatty acid needs Screen for gestational diabetes

Session 3 [24-28 weeks] Assess nutrient status: macro and


Adequate Vitamin D3, B12, folate Preterm labor issues

Session 4 [30-32 weeks] Diet adequacy for delivery and infant


Nutrient supplementation postpregnancy—especially for lactation

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