Changing Exercise Habits

The beverage giant Coca Cola advises everyone to not stress about cutting calories—just get more exercise. Yet study after study shows that exercise increases appetite and most people increase food intake to make up for whatever they exercised off.

Patients need to exercise for their health, not because it is good for weight loss. Coen and Goodpaster reviewed physical activity data for patients undergoing bariatric surgery and concluded that most of them do not exercise enough to reap the health benefits [16]. Exercise in Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) surgery patients enhances mitochondrial respiration and improves insulin sensitivity [17].

Dikareva et al. explored the barriers that reduced physical activity among women who had undergone bariatric surgery. These barriers include mobility, side effects of surgery, body image problems, competing responsibilities, lack of exercise knowledge, and reduced access to facilities [18]. Zabatiero et al. also accessed bariatric surgery candidates and found most of them believed that physical activity provided health benefits but body pain, physical limitations, lack of motivation, and restricted resources provided barriers to participation in exercise [19].

On the other hand, exercise improves physical and mental health in bariatric surgery candidates according to Bond et al. using the health- related quality of life (HRQoL) survey [20]. Future studies need to access what can be done to improve compliance.

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