Calm Technology. Principles and Patterns for Non-Intrusive Design

Preface Who Should Read This BookHow This Book Is OrganizedSafari® Books OnlineHow to Contact UsDesigning for the Next 50 Billion DevicesFour Waves of ComputingTHE WORLD IS NOT A DESKTOPTHE GROWING EPHEMERALITY OF HARDWARETHE SOCIAL NETWORK OF 50 BILLION THINGSThe Next 50 Billion DevicesLIMIT BANDWIDTH USAGEDEDICATE SEPARATE CHANNELS FOR DIFFERENT KINDS OF TECHNOLOGYUSE LOWER-LEVEL LANGUAGES FOR MISSION-CRITICAL SYSTEMSCREATE MORE LOCAL NETWORKSDISTRIBUTED AND INDIVIDUAL COMPUTINGINTEROPERABILITYHUMAN BACKUPThe Future of TechnologyConclusionsPrinciples of Calm TechnologyThe Limited Bandwidth of Our AttentionPrinciples of Calm TechnologyII. TECHNOLOGY SHOULD INFORM AND CREATE CALMCompressing Information into an IndicatorAttention modelsAttention graphsIV. TECHNOLOGY SHOULD AMPLIFY THE BEST OF TECHNOLOGY AND THE BEST OF HUMANITYDesigning affective technologyV. TECHNOLOGY CAN COMMUNICATE, BUT DOESN’T NEED TO SPEAKApple’s Complex Path to SimplicityVIII. TECHNOLOGY SHOULD RESPECT SOCIAL NORMSConclusionsCalm Communication PatternsStatus IndicatorsVISUAL STATUS INDICATORSWhy Car Radios Still Have KnobsLight-up toothbrushSelf-inflating inhalerSTATUS TONESThe Difference a Sound MakesHelp button on a planeWasher or dryer with a melodyInsulin pumpRoomba vacuum cleanerHAPTIC ALERTSSTATUS SHOUTSAmbient AwarenessLavatory occupied signDirectional tape on a floorWeather-colored lightbulb (conceptual)Email Garden (conceptual)Contextual NotificationsWeatherLocationTimeEmotional and metabolic stateProximityAccomplishmentPersuasive TechnologyAlpha wave synchrony feedback machineGlowCapOPOWERWithings scaleToyota Prius driver feedbackSalad bar tongsBeeminderConclusionsExercises in Calm TechnologyA Calm Interaction Evaluation ToolUserEnvironmentInformationExercisesEXERCISE 1: A CALMER ALARM CLOCKEXERCISE 2: A CLOCK THAT STARTS THE DAYEXERCISE 3: A YEAR-LONG BATTERYEXERCISE 4: A CALMER KITCHENEXERCISE 7: BRINGING HAPTICS INTO PLAYConclusionsCalm Technology in Your OrganizationBuilding Teams for Calm TechnologyTHE RULE OF FIVETEST YOUR TEAMHIRE DIFFERENTLY FROM YOUFIND POLITICAL BUFFERSDesign for PrivacyTHE USER EXPERIENCE OF PRIVACYGET A PRIVACY POLICYANTICIPATE AND EXPECT SECURITY BREACHESSelling Calm Technology to ManagersOBJECTION 1: MORE FEATURES ARE BETTEROBJECTION 2: ALL OF THE LEGACY FEATURES MUST STAYOBJECTION 3: WHAT ABOUT ALL THE OTHER STAKEHOLDERS?OBJECTION 4: THERE’S NO TIME FOR USER TESTINGOBJECTION 5: THE PRODUCT MUST STAY SECRET UNTIL LAUNCHEntering a Product into Human Society: A Calm Product LaunchREFINECOMPETITIONDO THE RESEARCH!ALLOW TIME FOR REAL-WORLD TESTINGDON’T REDESIGN THE ENTIRE THING AT ONCEDESIGN FOR HUMAN-HUMAN INTERACTIONDESIGN FOR OPTIMUM BATTERY LIFEConclusionsThe History and Future of Calm TechnologyVideoconferencing Before SkypeThe Beginnings of Calm Technology
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