Types of Reporting and Analytical Processes

In the analysis and reporting development environment in the middle of the model, analysts specify which information and data are necessary to achieve the desired behavior of operational managers and digital processes in the business environment. This is where information and knowledge are generated about the deployment of analytical and statistical models, which are typically deployed on data from the data warehouse. The requirements for front-end applications, reporting, and functionality are also specified in detail here, all with the purpose of meeting the demands from the higher layers and levels of the model. Note that the analysis and reporting development environment is placed in the bordering area between the business-driven and the technically oriented environment, and that the team in this area usually has competencies in both areas. Chapter 4 covers more about the methodical work in the analytical and reporting environment.

Data Warehouse

Database specialists and ETL developers receive requirements from the analytical environment about data deliveries. If the required data is already in the warehouse, the process will be to make this data accessible to the front-end applications of the business. If data is not stored, the data warehouse will need to retrieve data from one or more operational data sources in the organization's environment. Alternatively, data can be purchased from an external supplier, or the IT department may be asked to implement a new infrastructure with a view to create a new operational data source. Chapter 5 focuses on methods and systems for storing, merging, and delivering data.

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