Meanings of Violence in Contemporary Latin America

Txitzi’n for the Poxnai: Indigenous Women’s Discourses on Revolutionary CombatQue Pensamos Las Ex-combatientes?Building IdentitiesFear Triggers Combat ExperienceBrave Pachita WarriorsSex and the MountainsSociety Has a Debt to UsDiscourse ItselfConclusionsNotesReferencesAgainst Violence and Oblivion: The Case of Colombia’s DisappearedThe Symbolic Rescue of Souls from the Sea of OblivionDehumanization on the Banks of the Cauca RiverCemetery Gente Como Uno in Riohacha, GuajiraFinal ConsiderationsNotesReferencesFacing Unseen Violence: Ex-combatants Painting the War in ColombiaNotesReferencesConsiderations on Violence, the Global South, and an Aesthetics of SobrietyEthics at an ImpasseHumiliating Sobriety—a Surreptitious PathThe Puzzle of NarconarrativesNotesReferencesUrban Violence and the Politics of Representation in Recent Brazilian FilmCiudad Juarez, Femicide, and the StateFemicideThe StateFemicide and the Partido Accion Nacional in ChihuahuaThe Partido Revolucionario Institucional's AdministrationFinal ReflectionsNotesReferencesChronicles of Everyday Life in Culiacan, SinaloaRIODOCEMalayerbaLa esclavitaThe little slaveLa venganza del poetaRevenge of the poetNo disparenDon’t shootHabitus of ViolenceThe Perverse Virtues of the Drug CultureNotesReferencesAn Aesthetic Event: Ricardo Wiesse's Cantutas and Political Violence in PeruSound, Violence, and Politics: Critical Perspectives from Contemporary Rio de JaneiroViolence and Research Praxis: Conceptual PremisesReconsidering Sound Praxis in ETHNOMUSICOLOGYPaulo Freire's Pedagogy and EthnomusicologySound Praxis, Violence, and Politics: A Study CaseThe ProjectFinal RemarksNotesReferences(In)visible Connections and the Makings of Collective ViolenceThe Role of Clandestine Ties in Politics and Collective ViolenceAn Equine ParadoxMaking a Virtue out of the Necessity of Political Dirty WorkFrom Clandestine Ties to Larger Episodes of Collective ViolenceDemocracy and the Gray ZoneSober Political AnalysisNotesReferencesFuerte ApacheIntroductory NoteEl Barrio FuerteViolent from BeforeLa IslaBrutes or CorruptMothersThe Grey ZoneThe Ninja TurtlesNotesAfterword Mary Roldan
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