Child Marriage in an International Frame: A Feminist Review from India

HISTORICAL SOUNDINGS India 1800-2000A few thoughts on the pre-colonial periodThe colonial periodBeginnings in colonial BengalA different framing in western IndiaThe Rakhmabai caseThe age of consent controversyThe Age of Consent ActAge and girlhood in the wake of the Age of Consent BillThe “second social reform”The modernizing impulse: the case of the princely state of MysoreChild marriage in the imagined nation to beWhat is the story with independence?Towards Equality and the Marriage Act of 1978ReferencesElements of the international story and the question of conceptsNotions of marriageMarriage in historyMedian ages of marriage in Northwestern Europe and the Blackstone lawsWhere are feminist studies of childhood?Two case studies for situating early and child marriage globallyThe US and the American child brideChina, marriage and leftover womenAdolescence: a master concept in the making?From invention to normalization and “putting girls first”Reframing girlhoodReferencesChild marriage in the new millennium: Law, policy and the work of demographyLaw and the girl childCriminal law amendments and child marriageState policyDemography in an international frameMeasuring early and child marriage in IndiaIndia’s data sets and their possibilitiesPopulation censusNational Family Health SurveyDistrict-Level Household SurveyThe Indian Human Development SurveyNational Sample SurveySelect statistical reports on child marriageDemographic explanationsCauses of early marriageConsequencesWhere do we take the knowledges of demography?ReferencesReintegrating the “other”: Age, education and work under compulsory marriageAge at marriage in contemporary IndiaScholarship on educationLabour, work and employmentThe case of child labourWomen’s work and child marriageAdolescence and adolescent sexualityWhere are the debates and differences?The notion of social normsChild marriage and the adverse child sex ratio: Two sides of the same coin?Towards a conceptualization of compulsory marriageReferencesAfterwordAppendixAuthor IndexSubject Index
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