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A short course of lectures
«100 questions & answers about depression»

How does the brain affect behavior and regulate emotional states?I have low thyroid and take medication. I have been depressed as well. Will my depression get better on the thyroid treatment?I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. How is the combination of conditions treated?My spouse is returning from active duty overseas. What is the risk for depression?I have recently been diagnosed with depression. What are the risks that my children will inherit it?DBSWhat are the different types of depression?A family member has depression. Is there anything I can do to help?What are the side effects of medication for depression?What is the DSM-IV-TR?I am pregnant and feeling very depressed. Can I take medication?Should I worry about my employer finding out about my treatment?After a heart attack 6 months ago, my father has been minimally interested informer activities and is afraid to go anywhere alone. Is this normal?How do I choose a therapist and a therapy approach?Why do I need a mood stabilizer with my antidepressant if I am depressed but not manic?Why did my doctor diagnose depression when I do not feel depressed?A family member committed suicide. Did I miss something?What can I do if I have failed several forms of medication and therapy?What is NAMI? How can they help?What are the risks of treating my teenager with an antidepressant?I am not getting any better despite numerous medication trials. My doctor says I have a personality disorder that medication will not treat and recommends more intensive therapy. What does she mean by that?There has been a lot of press lately about antidepressants causing people to become suicidal or violent. What are the facts?What are the postpartum blues? Does that mean that I am depressed or will become depressed?What is depression?What are the different types of treatment for depression?My husband is drinking a lot of alcohol lately. My friend believes he might be self-medicating. What does that mean?Do children get depressed?How is depression diagnosed?Is there a link between child abuse and depression?Why did my doctor prescribe an antipsychotic for me when I am just depressed?What is the difference between thoughts and feelings?TMSHow long will I have to stay on medication?What are the symptoms of depression?My mother has been drinking wine daily since my father died. Could she be depressed?Are antidepressants prescribed for reasons other than depression?I have not been able to sleep well or concentrate at work since being mugged 3 months ago. Could I be depressed?Is it necessary to involve my family in my treatment?Can I drink wine with my antidepressant?What risk factors are associated with depression?What is the difference between psychiatry and psychology?Why are certain people more susceptible to depression?Is medication or therapy more effective for depression?My psychiatrist tells me he has a "duty to warn" if I become threatening. What does that mean?What are the different types of medication used to treat depression? How does my doctor choose a medicine?I have been prescribed an "off-label" medication. Does that mean that it is experimental?I became irritable and agitated on my antidepressant. My doctor believes I have become "hypomanic." What does that mean?SEVEN. SURVIVINGWhat are the risks for suicide in children and adolescents?VNSWhy is my doctor telling me I need treatment for my addiction when I thought treating the depression would solve my problem?What is mental illness? What is a major mental illness?What are my rights to refuse hospitalization?I have been diagnosed with postpartum depression. Is my baby at risk?I understand there are newer brain therapies approved for the treatment of depression other than ECT. What are they and should I consider them if I'm not getting better?My antidepressant is not helping. What happens next?How are alcoholism and depression connected?My doctor recommends medication for my depression. Should I wait to see whether my depression will go away without treatment?I have been diagnosed with depression. What do I tell my family and friends?Are there long-term dangers to taking medication?I have a good job and a loving family. How can I feel depressed?Are there any risks from engaging in psychotherapy?My mother is depressed but refuses to see anyone. What can I do?PATIENT BIOGRAPHIESHow does generic medication differ from trade name medications?Are there any natural remedies for depression?ONE. THE BASICSGlossaryCan I take other medicines while I am on an antidepressant?How does psychotherapy work if depression is due to a chemical imbalance?Since returning from active duty overseas, my husband is having nightmares, is afraid to go out, and is quieter than his usual self. Is this posttraumatic stress? Will it go away?My mother is in a nursing home and has stopped eating. Her doctor believes she is depressed. She never had a mental disorder before. Is this possible?What are the different types of talk therapies, and what do they do?What is bipolar disorder?Our child has been medically ill. She is having behavioral problems at school and home and is angry all the time. What can we do?SIX. SPECIAL POPULATIONSMy medication is helping, but I have sexual side effects. What can I do?Will I gain weight from the medication?My father died 6 months ago. Since then my mother refuses to leave the house, stating that she is still in mourning. What should I do?What is the treatment approach for children and adolescents?What causes depression?Who is qualified to diagnose and treat depression?Where can I find more information on depression?When is hospitalization necessary? What does it offer?Can I take an antidepressant while I am nursing?Are there medical conditions that could be cause for my depression?Will I become addicted to the medication?Will I get depressed again after I have recovered?Does the type of depression I have determine the type of treatment I need?My internist is prescribing an antidepressant. How do I know whether I should see a specialist? Should I see a psychopharmacologist?What are emotions, and why do we have them?THREE. RISK, PREVENTION AND EPIDEMIOLOGYAre any blood tests or other tests available for depression?What is the risk of suicide when someone is diagnosed with depression?My mother has memory problems. Her doctor diagnosed pseudodementia and prescribed an antidepressant. Is she at risk for Alzheimer's disease?I have been treated for depression in the past. Can I prevent an episode in the future?The guidance counselor at school believes our teenage daughter is depressed. She spends a lot of time in her room. Is this normal teen behavior?FOUR. TREATMENTWhy is depression more common in women?What is cognitive—behavioral therapy?How do chemicals work in the brain?What are my rights to privacy?How do I know whether I have depression versus a "normal" reaction to a problem in my life?I have been diagnosed with a mild depression. Does that mean a quicker recovery?Will diet or exercise help with my mood?FIVE. ASSOCIATED CONDITIONSWhat are my rights to refuse medication and other treatments?Will the medication turn me into a zombie or make me look medicated?My doctor thinks I should have electroconvulsive therapy. I thought that was no longer used. What is it and what does it do?What chemicals regulate emotions? What chemical imbalance occurs in depression?TWO. DIAGNOSIS
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