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A short course of lectures
«Stereotyping Africa»

Is it true African women have their babies at home?Are Africans naturally violent and criminal?Do you live with animals in your homes?LandscapeWhy do Africans find it hard pronouncing some English words?Do you pay taxes in Africa?Why are there so many refugees in Africa?CommunicationWhat, if there are any, are the courts in Africa like?Are there buildings, besides huts, in Africa?Why are Africans so loud?TransportationAre African men and women circumcised?Are there wars in Africa?Are Africans dirty and smelly?Do Africans marry people from other races and cultures?AttitudeGeographyIs everybody poor in Africa?Was Africa ever colonized?Do Africans wear animal skins?ChildrenIs it true that Africans cannot afford cars?Do you have to be rich to go to school in Africa?Are girls allowed to go to school in Africa?I hear Africans believe in many gods?Politics/GovernmentI have heard that Africans marry for children. Does it mean that there is no love in their marriages?How has colonialism affected Africa?Do you use recipes for cooking?Men and WomenIs it true the unemployment situation in Africa is bad?How do you treat age in Africa?What was "apartheid"?Do girls marry young in Africa?What is the life expectancy in Africa?HealthHave Africans the concept of God?Do you people swing from trees?Is there crime in Africa?Is Africa very hot?LanguagesIs incest common in Africa?Do all Africans eat monkeys?Is suicide common in Africa?Is homosexuality practiced in Africa?TechnologyIs Egypt in Africa?What kind of music do you listen to in Africa?Do you have specialized homes for your old people?What does your country of origin produce?Do you have soda in Africa?How do Africans bury people?Do you live with monkeys?Are there good schools out there (Africa)?ReligionIs it true that marriages in Africa are arranged?I hear African women are fat?What is the landscape of Africa like, is it all jungles?Do you have 401k in Africa?Do Africans cry when their person dies?OccupationI have been advised to beware the way I use the word "tribe" when relating to Africans. Why is this?The words "brother" and "sister" seem to be generic terms used in Africa to address anyone to whom one is related. Is this true?Americans hate lies; is it the same in Africa?Is it true women do all the work in Africa?two. Questions and AnswersDo you dance out there at night around bonfires?Does it rain all the time in Africa?Is there sexual discrimination in Africa?I hear all the time that Africans fought wars for European nations when they had no business being involved in these wars. What is that about?Is Africa dark as a continent?What are African families like—the structure I mean?Do African women also shield themselves from public view like Moslem women?FamilyHow come some Africans speak English perfectly but others do not?Are Africans angry at the results of colonialism?Does it snow in Africa?Do you have television stations?Are African bees "killer bees?"Africa is famous for her masks. Is this a religious thing, or what are these masks about?Can women in Africa marry more than one husband?So you people put on shoes in Africa?DeathDo you kill twin children in Africa?Is having a new baby an important event in AfricaEconomyWhy did the children in Africa call Oprah Winfrey "Mama Oprah?"Are there skyscrapers in Africa?Are illegal drugs common in Africa?What's all the talk about Nelson Mandela? Who is he?Do you speak English in Africa?HousingIs there any game like "Catching the monkey?" I think I got that from Eddie Murphy's "Coming to America."What illnesses do you have in Africa?Habits/Cultural PracticesWho is your president in Africa?Since the standard of education is very low in Africa, do you need degrees to get a job?CrimeHow many times a day do Africans pray?Have you ever seen an elephant alive?Do Africans eat bugs?SportsWhere from Africa did the slaves come?JudiciaryDo men and women get married or they can just sleep with whomever?Do you call before you visit say friends or neighbors?Are there white people—men and women—in Africa?What is malaria?I hear people there still marry more than one wife.Is it true that African men prefer women who are fair in complexion?PrefaceWhat are the different tribes in Africa?What do you guys mean when you talk about a child belonging to the whole village?Do you have electricity in Africa?AgeDo you play football in Africa?What are rites of passage in Africa?Do you use electricity in Africa?I hear Africans use a lot of proverbs when they talk. Is that true?What religions exist in Africa?Do Africans believe in life after death?Do people go around naked in Africa?Do you eat cooked food in Africa?Do all Africans drink blood from cattle when herding?What kind of currency do you use in Africa?Can young adults whose marital choices have been rejected by their parents elope?What are those weird clacking sounds you people produce when speaking your language?Are cars common in Africa?Did industrialization and education have an influence on the people as it happened in post agrarian societies?Do children dial 9-1-1 in Africa?MusicAre all men in Africa goatherds?SexualityDo women breast-feed children in Africa?Are Africans pre-occupied with sex as one is made to believe?Is it true that couples prefer male children to female?Are there chiefs in Africa like we have in Native American communities?Are Africans hospitable?What language do you speak in Africa?Nutrition/Eating HabitsDo you have good drinking water in Africa?Do you spank children in Africa?What are those marks I see on the faces of some Africans which look like scars from lacerations?Are there murders in Africa like we experience them here in the US?Is it true that everyone in Africa co-exists with all the animals, like lions walking down Main Street?Is there divorce in Africa?Do the different religions in Africa co-exist peacefully?How different is an African funeral?Is it true Africa is yet to be industrialized?FashionWhat kind of drinks do you have in Africa?ColonialismWhy are Americans shown only the poor and down side of Africa?Do you have same-sex marriages in Africa?The DiasporaIs there racism in Africa?I hear you do not call older people by name. Is this true?Are the children of Africa all starving?Does voodoo exist in Africa?Do you have lawns in Africa?Is body piercing a part of African culture?Did Aids begin in Africa?When Africans move to the West, what religion or churches are they likely to become a part of?How do you treat your senior citizens in Africa?NotesI get the impression that Africans are arrogant. Is this true? What is the general attitude or emotions of Africans?Is private fishing a big pastime in Africa as it is here?Is it legal to own guns in Africa?Are the instruments used by your orchestras the same as Western instruments?Why do Africans play with their food before eating?Are there successful banks in Africa?Are Africans polite?Do Africans dislike African-Americans?What do you do with your dead in Africa? Are they cremated?Can a woman work at any job she wants?Who is an African witch-doctor?Is Africa what I see in "The Gods Must Be Crazy?"Does "black" stand for evil in Africa too?Do you marry your relatives? Like cousins?Are there governments in Africa?Do women use veils when getting married in Africa?Have you ridden an elephant?three. The EpilogueWhat kinds of jobs are there in Africa?Do Africans hate Americans?Do you have phones in Africa?Are there computers in Africa?What is the size of an average African family?Are Africans concerned about their weight like we are here in America?UtilitiesDo African women shave their bodies too?Do you have medication in Africa?What do they mean when they say Africa is being exploited?I hear you have age-groups in Africa?Is there AIDS in Africa?EducationIsn't it true that there was slavery in Africa before the coming of Europeans?Are there kingdoms in Africa?Are there African cars in the market?Do you talk about fashion in Africa?Do you live in huts in Africa?Is it true Africans love children?Do you bathe and drink from the same source?What kind of food do you eat in Africa?Are African leader's dictators?What's the size of Africa compared to the US?
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