Brexit and the Political Economy of Ireland: Creating a New Economic Settlement

A time for changeThe beleaguered state of the Northern Ireland economyThe Northern Ireland economy since the Belfast AgreementThe Northern Ireland economy during the violent yearsThe subvention after the Belfast AgreementPrivate sector performance since the Belfast AgreementThe realization of fair employmentThe political economy of peace: the verdictAttempts at softening the binding constraintConclusionsThe limited progress towards an all-Ireland economyEnding the stand-off on north-south economic cooperationMapping the potential gains from north-south cooperationThe unanswered question: how to govern cross border cooperationStrand 2 of the Belfast Agreement: the institutional framework for north-south cooperationThe scale of cross border cooperation initiativesHow much north-south trade is there?Strand 2 and the creation of an open border in IrelandPromoting north-south cooperation: institutional design mattersBrexit and the Belfast Agreement: Fragmenting a fragile political bargainMore on the Belfast AgreementBrexit and the unravelling of the political bargainThe DUP gamble that went southRestoring power sharing at StormontConclusionsBrexit, the Withdrawal Agreement and the Northern Ireland ProtocolBrexit and the Northern Ireland economyBrexit and the Irish border problemSolving the hard border problem through technologySolving the hard border problem through politicsThe implications for the Protocol for Northern IrelandThe Protocol and Strand 2 of the Belfast AgreementThe Protocol and Strand 3ConclusionsThe economics of Irish unityThe public finances of Northern IrelandThe subvention as a barrier to Irish unity?Forecasting the economic benefits of Irish unityConclusions: Ireland is not ‘reunification ready’The imperative of an all-Ireland economySoftening the binding constraint through building human capitalAddressing the binding constraint by attracting inward investmentLowering the corporation tax rate for Northern IrelandInvest Northern Ireland not learning from the IDARethinking FDI strategy for Northern IrelandBuilding a new architecture for the all-Ireland economyMoving forward
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