Huawei CloudEngine 1800V (CE1800V for short) is an intelligent virtual switch designed for virtualization environments in enterprise and industry DCs.

In DC and cloud computing scenarios, a traditional virtual network provides communication between VMs and physical networks, and is composed of vNICs and virtual bridges (provided by the Linux Bridge module). These virtual bridges are unable to meet customers’ requirements for higher switching performance and more advanced functions such as VXLAN access. To meet these requirements, Huawei developed the CE1800V.

The CE1800V is developed based on the open-source OVS project and uses the user-mode forwarding framework. This virtual switch runs on a server and functions as an NVE node on a VXLAN network, providing higher forwarding performance. It encapsulates the data packets generated by VMs into VXLAN packets so that the VMs can access the VXLAN network.


Figure 12.13 shows the CE1800V architecture.

CE1800V architecture

FIGURE 12.13 CE1800V architecture.

As a virtual switch, the CE1800V runs on the VM management program, hypervisor. The CE1800V is connected to pNICs and multiple vNICs. The CE1800V provides virtual access interfaces for VMs and connects to pNICs of servers, providing basic Layer 2 and Layer 3 network forwarding functions for VMs. This switch can be used for communication between VMs and between VMs and external networks.

In the open-source OVS, the forwarding and control planes are combined. On the CE1800V, the virtual forwarding plane is developed and separated from the OVS, helping to increase the CE1800V’s flexibility and forwarding capabilities. Additionally, the virtual control plane is developed for obtaining device alarms and delivering service configurations.

The CE1800V can be divided into the following three modules:

  • • OVS: provides standard OpenFlow interfaces based on OVS to interact with the SDN controller, manage and search the flow table delivered by the controller, and implement DVR Layer 3 forwarding and VXLAN forwarding.
  • • Virtual control plane: is the control/management plane developed for the CE1800V. It provides OVSDB interfaces for the SDN controller to configure services for the CE1800V. It also provides RPC interfaces as a private extension of iMaster NCE-Fabric for the CE1800V to establish connections with the SDN controller.
  • • Virtual forwarding plane: is the forwarding plane developed for the CE1800V. It ensures high-performance traffic forwarding based on the OpenFlow flow table and is optimized through the Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK).
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