Routes - adding new report routes

Now, we will need to add the new routes for the reports. For that, we will edit the conf/routes file, as follows:

GET /reports


# Reports


GET /product/report GET /review/report GET /image/report


We are done with routes now, and we need to change the UI in order to expose the new report functionality. We will create a new view containing all reports, and, for the sake of ease, we will also add a button for each resource UI (product, review, and image).

New centralized reports UI

We will need to create a new view at


Your reports_index.scala.html file should look something like this:

@()(implicit flash: Flash)

@main("Reports") {



Reviews Report

Images Report


So here, we will basically list all resources-product, review, and images and link the relative controllers, and when the user clicks on the respective link a PDF report will be downloaded. Now we need to edit each resource (product, image, and review) view in order to add a link for the reports there as well.

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