Blurred Transparencies in Contemporary Glass Architecture: Material, Culture, and Technology

GlassTransparencyBlurring of TransparencyExamination of Glass Transparency in Recent HistoryThe Book's ApproachSix BuildingsMatter Infused with Spirit: Zonnestraal Sanatorium's Healing Glass TransparencyMirroring Ipswich: Contextual Class Transparency of the Willis BuildingCracking the Class Ceiling of a Cystal Palace: The Jacob K. Javits Convention CenterAir, Light, and Liquid in Motion: The Class Pavilion in ToledoImpermanent Monument for Intimate Machines: Apple's Glass CubeQuasi-Transparency of Harpa Concert Hall and Conference CentreNotesMatter Infused with Spirit: Zonnestraal Sanatorium’s Healing Glass TransparencyZonnestraal, a 20th Century SanatoriumNew Dutch ArchitectureFinancial and Spiritual EconomyBuilding Techniques and HygieneGlazingObsolescence of FunctionRestoration and Preservation of a Building Designed for BrevityTime-Specific Glass TransparencyNotesMirroring Ipswich: Contextual Glass Transparency of the Willis BuildingBuilding in an English Medieval CityContextual GlassBuilding Organization and a New Concept for WorkplacesThe Dream of Frameless Curtain WallsInfluence of the Willis Building on Recent Glass Curtain WallsBuckminster Fuller and ClimatrofficeInnovative Mechanical SystemsTransparency for WorkplacesMerging Past Dreams with Anticipated FutureNotesCracking the Glass Ceiling of a Crystal Palace: The Jacob K. Javits Convention CenterThe Glass Ceiling MetaphorCeilings and Glass Transparency in ArchitectureThe Jacob K. Javits Convention CenterThe Crystal PalaceEmergent Properties of GlassComplex Effects of GlassGlass Ceilings in Fairy TalesClear Glass Not Clear of ObstructionsNotesAir, Light, and Liquid in Motion: The Glass Pavilion in ToledoA Glass Building Made for GlassGlass Layered with AirGlass Translucency and OpacityGlass Transparency and Thermal CushionEngineering Glass TransparencyBlurring of Tectonic HierarchiesGlass Details and Plan OrganizationBalancing Light at Different Times of the DayClear Glass IntensifiedNotesImpermanent Monument for Intimate Machines: Apple’s Glass CubeThe Magic of GlassThe Cube's Three IterationsFragile yet RobustRefining Class ProductionThe Cube's MonumentalityMonuments as Symbols of Human AimsMonuments Built with Cutting-Edge TechnologyThermodynamic Definition of MonumentalityRedefining the Monument for Modern TimesCelebration of ImpermanenceMonument for the Digital EraNotesQuasi-Transparency of Harpa Concert Hall and Conference CentreThe Work of Olafur EliassonIcelandic Landscape and Northern Light"Both This and That" Class ArchitectureA Building as a KaleidoscopeLightness and Efficiency in Structures by Fuller, Otto, and ThorsteinnTen Reflective Glass Types, Infinite Light PatternsElectric EffectsTemporal TransparencyAn Instrument for SeeingNotes
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