This paper builds on self-assembled dataset to gain a picture of the historical development of clean technology industries. The database consists of press publications from major American newspapers from the timeframe from January 1st,1995 to December 31st, 2013. Source for the articles is the Lexis Nexis database with its records of press and company publications. The data was compiled of seven of the top ten US newspapers, which were available through Lexis Nexis. The majority of articles stem from the New York Times, Washington Post and the San Jose Mercury News.

As key search terms for the solar industry the term “solar energy” was used. For the fuel cell industry the term “fuel cell” was used. Resulting for the solar industry the database returned 3,659 articles and for the fuel cell industry 1,697 articles.

Additionally to the media analysis, further information was derived from the Thomson One Banker database of private equity investments. The investment data used is from the years 1995 until 2013. This data shows the amount invested and the number of deals in the respective solar energy and fuel cell industry. The investments are split according to the investment stages. The stages are separated according to seed, early, expansion and late stage investments.

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