What about streaming video in general? Will that become an increasingly popular way to get news?

Almost certainly it will. In general, news videos are able to command premium advertising prices (usually in the form of a pre-roll clip at the start of story) in the way that textually oriented stories are not. As web traffic speeds increase, we can also expect the ability to stream high-quality video, including news video, to grow. The news experience online will become increasingly visual.

That said, it is likely that much of this footage will not resemble the traditional "local-network news set experience." Rather we will see the emergence of decidedly new visual formats, ones that include raw footage from citizen journalists on the scene of major events, infographics and other animated data-rich material, commentary, and the integration of social media into the televisual format.

So it seems like you’ve been avoiding a straight answer about this: What's the business model for this new/old journalism hybrid?

There probably won't just be one model. Subscriptions, metered walls, native advertisements, technology services, Silicon Valley investments, and government and foundation funding will probably all provide revenues to news organizations in the years to come. The biggest financial change for journalism organizations of the future will be their increasing need to diversify their funding streams. The days of a single primary source of revenues to support newsgathering are over.

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