General Component Properties

Modularity should be used as the basis for system design to develop good components. The criteria for determining a framework's modularity potential are defined in Table 1.2.

In a company with its own lifecycle, to obtain this option, a component must have its own:

  • (1) Set of requirements.
  • (2) Set of documents.
  • (3) Test cases.
  • (4) History (board arrangement), which distinguishes between the software of the component and the perspectives referred to above.

The life pattern of a section would naturally be conceivable only along these lines. Through preserving an individual design background for each component, an application may “decide” whenever it becomes available, regardless of whether to move up to another component type. Perhaps the aim of understanding the “part versus


Modularity Criteria of a Component




A component-oriented approach to change will assist the product designer in characterizing a framework made up of less complex subsystems with a clear structure in between. Recognized subsystems (segments/objects/modules/...) may be sufficiently free to allow for a similar property for decomposability on each of them.


The component should be done in order to improve the reusability in different settings. Depending on their interface, each component may simply be freely joined with others.


The framework element structure must help the comprehensibility of each of the components. In order to see each part, one might just need to take a quick look at the component itself and not in the frame into which it is incorporated.


Continuity means that an obstacle to a neighborhood has a consequence nearby. Continuity is a major worry of programming maintenance as it could impact the cost of programming development. The law of movement has to be an important goal when developing new components.


In order to ensure the stability of the entire system in which components are stored, each component must ensure that not all of the structure causes mistakes or some other irregular conditions.


The concept of the component has different meanings. Altogether it has to be free of any requirement for a section to be reusable without restrictions. This means that each part should be viewed as a small, independent part.

object” approach is that one can concentrate on business objectives around area development when considering a section. Usually, the term “component” is applied to assign the company somehow to a self-servicing bit of code with services of key significance.

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