Effort Estimation Techniques Available In CBSD

There are so many effort estimation techniques available in CBSD. The following approaches are discussed:

Parameterized Approach

The main feature exhibited in CBSD is not found in the usual cost-estimation models. The consequence of scheduling will be focused at the component level.

Within the specified time in this CBSD model, the operation of several components can be carried out by a programmer and can also be done where the single component may contain many developers. In a similar time period several components can be operated by multiple developers.

The process of estimating effort carried out by this model can be analyzed in three dimensions.

Based on this view:

X-axis acquires the components which are in development.

Y-axis denotes time.

Z-axis denotes the programmer involved in the project.

The metrics and the factors that are involved in effort estimation can be effectively calculated by means of this CBSD when compared to usual models developed for effort estimation. The conception of programmer, time, and components were utilized for creating appropriate metrics. The scheduling influence in this model can be determined based on these metrics.

To summarize, the metrics are explained in Table 2.8:

The initial step will be provided by these metrics in the analysis of effort estimation through CBSD. In the field of modeling of effort the important suggestions were revealed by the research. Through this work the concept of CBSD process can be understood well and the comparison existing between the usual and CBSD models for effort estimation can be analyzed.

The pros and cons of the approach: This is a good approach to estimate effort, but the author is unable to find out the approach for CBSD. This approach does not differentiate between the effort estimation of components and the effort estimation of CBSD.


Metrics for Effort Estimation in CBSD




Proportion of definite time necessary for the component to number of units of time programmed for that component.


The degree at which the process of unique components is performed through several developers.


The degree at which the process of multiple components is performed through single developers.

Component Project Experience

Before starting the process on a particular component, the number of components finished in the respective project.

Programmer Project Experience

The programmer completes a certain number of components before allotting a specified component.

Team Size

For a particular component the total number of programmers assigned.

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