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Question 1. In which scenarios is component-based development better than object-oriented development?

Question 2. Although CBSE claims a high degree of reusability in comparison to OO Software Engineering, it invites another level of complexity during the maintenance phase. Suggest some solutions to reduce such complexity.

Question 3. What are the essential contrasts between objects and components? Question 4. Using an example of a component that implements an abstract data type, show why it is necessary to extend and adapt components for reuse.

Question 5. Design a reusable component that implements the search feature for online shopping. This is not a simple keyword search of web pages. You have to be able to search the item by different categories, as specified by the user.

Question 6. Why it is important that components should separate the interface from the implementation and hide the implementation details?

Question 7. What are the challenges in component distribution through the market?


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