Question 152. Give an example of a problem you solved with an obvious solution that was overlooked by others.

situation: The quality of job applicants my previous employer attracted did not meet the expectations of management, largely because the company wanted to hire personnel immediately and never took the time to put best hiring practices into place.

action: Since there was no official human resources department, I took the initiative of standardizing the hiring practices. I instituted background checks and drug testing as part of the screening process, as well.

result: Those initiatives increased the number of qualified candidates, and thus the pool of poor hires decreased significantly.

Question 153. Tell me about an occasion when your precision was important in your work.

situation: As a legal interpreter, it is my job to accurately translate every word that clients use in their statements in court. There are different dialects in Spanish, and it is important that I familiarize myself with current slang in each ethnic community.

action: To gain this knowledge, I posted flyers in a nearby Hispanic community, advertising my need for a tutor.

result: Since I am fluent in Spanish, a few lessons taught me the common contemporary phrases used by Mexicans and Salvadorians. In no time, I was capable of providing accurate translations of events.

Question 154. Describe a time when the attention you gave to your work led to additional responsibility.

situation: Cash Cow Casino had strict guidelines for table-game supervisors. Not only were we responsible for supervising the dealers and observing the action at the tables, we were also charged with accurately completing IRS forms for proceeds generated from play in the pit.

action: After my shift was over, I took care to ensure that the financial information I provided was accurate.

result: My paperwork was flawless, consistently passing all internal and external audits. Management was so impressed that I was charged with training other table-game supervisors.

Question 155. Describe an occasion when you worked on a project that had little room for error.

situation: When I was an architect for Structural Designs, I led the project to build an eight-story, three-hundred-office complex in the town's industrial park.

action: I drew up plans with the client's vision in mind, ensuring that the structure would be aesthetically pleasing and functionally sound. In addition, I prepared scale drawings and provided spatial requirements to the contractor. Before the construction started, I made certain everything was in order, including the necessary permits.

result: As an effective analyst, problem solver, and communicator, I built a solid relationship with the team members, and we met time, budget, and quality objectives.

Question 156. Give an example of a time when you went beyond standard operating procedures to ensure that regulatory compliances were met.

situation: When you are dealing with HAZMAT material, it is vital that employees understand safety protocols and wear protective clothing.

action: Though usually only managers take the Certified Hazardous Materials certification course, our production plant had a high incidence of injuries. As a result, I also asked employees who met the certification requirements to complete the course and take the test.

result: With the knowledge gained during the certification process, these managers and employees became more diligent about following procedures. Consequently, there were fewer workers compensation claims.

Question 157. Our slogan is "Better Quality, Better Entertainment." With that in mind, give an example of a time when you served that slogan in your previous (existing) position.

situation: As an assistant to a filmmaker, I was to scout locations for a documentary film; the film's subject did not want the movie to be filmed in her home.

action: I took pictures of her residence to use as a reference when searching for a location. This ensured that I found a place closest aesthetically to hers.

result: The subject and the filmmaker were pleased with the shoot location. Each said that I located a place with the charm and realism of the original home.

Question 158. Tell me about a time when you analyzed a situation and found many mistakes had been made.

situation: I was an investigator for the forgery department of Universal Bank, and it was my job to identify fraudulent transactions. When conducting an internal audit, I realized that a significant number of flagged files had never been scrutinized.

action: I contacted the customers involved to ask follow-up questions regarding their transactions. In addition, I phoned other financial institutions to find the answers to related questions.

result: My efforts reduced fraudulent losses by 35 percent.

Question 159. Recall a situation in which you used more than one skill at a time.

situation: As a store detective for Redline Fashion, one of my responsibilities was to apprehend customers who stole items. A group of teenagers had been banned from the premises because they had been caught swiping t-shirts. They showed up a few months later and attempted to steal electronic gadgets, but were caught again.

action: I detained the guilty parties, questioned them regarding the illegal activity, and spoke with their parents and the police department, as well as testified in court.

result: To ensure the court proceedings went in our favor, I completed all the paperwork with care. In addition, my good communications skills ensured that the legal process went smoothly.

Question 160. Give an example of a time when you participated in a team effort to complete a one-of-a-kind project.

situation: My daily responsibility as a telephone help-desk representative was to support over two hundred users, answering their technology-related questions when they called in. As part of a special relocation project, the help desk team was tasked with reassembling the call center equipment in a newly bought building.

action: I was charged with moving the hardware, installing wireless equipment, and integrating the phone system.

result: Working together as a team, we made the move easier and were able to set up equipment so we would be most comfortable and efficient.

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