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The sixth edition of A Framework for Marketing Management is a concise paperback adapted from Philip Kotler and Kevin Lane Keller’s fifteenth edition of Marketing Management. Its streamlined approach will appeal to those who want an authoritative account of current marketing management practices and theory plus a text that is short enough to allow the incorporation of outside cases, simulations, and projects. Like previous editions, the sixth edition of A Framework for Marketing Management is dedicated to helping companies, groups, and individuals adapt their marketing strategies and management to the marketplace of the twenty-first century.

What’s New In The Edition

  • • A new chapter (Chapter 16, Managing Digital Communications: Online, Social Media, and Mobile) highlights expanded coverage of the latest digital trends and their marketing implications.
  • • New combined coverage of consumer and business markets in a single chapter (Chapter 5, Analyzing Consumer and Business Markets) explores the similarities and differences in marketing to individual consumers, businesses, government agencies, and institutions.
  • • The positioning chapter (Chapter 7) now follows the segmentation and targeting chapter (Chapter 6) to align with the conventional STP sequencing of topics.
  • • The marketing strategy and planning chapter (Chapter 2) now includes all material on marketing implementation, metrics, and control, emphasizing the importance of advance planning for measuring and managing marketing performance.
  • • New opening vignettes for each chapter show marketing management in action at real-world companies and provide effective discussion starters for chapter concepts. Companies featured include LinkedIn, PepsiCo, Emirates Airline, Gatorade, Pandora, Cisco, and Patagonia.
  • • New “Marketing Insights” boxes discuss a wide range of cutting-edge topics and marketing situations, including Marketing 3.0, marketing double jeopardy, showrooming, playing tricks to build a brand, and other subjects.
  • • New coverage throughout the text of contemporary marketing developments and issues, including omnichannel marketing, mobile apps, geofencing and mobile commerce, privacy concerns, shopper marketing, and the sharing economy.

Features of The Edition

Major Themes

This new edition explores how the powerful forces of globalization, technology, and social re- sponsibility—individually and in combination—can affect the success of modern marketing programs. Incorporating the latest concepts with recent examples and current academic research, this edition examines the complexities and possibilities of holistic marketing today, encompassing relationship marketing, integrated marketing, internal marketing, and performance marketing.

Instructor Resources

At the Instructor Resource Center,, instructors can easily register to gain access to a variety of instructor resources available with this text in downloadable format. If assistance is needed, our dedicated technical support team is ready to help with the media supplements that accompany this text. Visit for answers to frequently asked questions and toll-free user support phone numbers.

The following supplements are available with this text:

  • • Instructor’s Resource Manual
  • • Test Bank
  • • TestGen® Computerized Test Bank
  • • PowerPoint Presentation


This edition of A Framework for Marketing Management bears the imprint of many people who have contributed to the previous edition of this text and to the fifteenth edition of Marketing Management. We reserve special thanks to Marian Burk Wood for her extensive development and editorial work on this edition. Many thanks also to the professional editorial and production teams at Pearson. We gratefully acknowledge the many reviewers who helped shape this book over the years.

John H. Antil, University of Delaware

Bill Archer, Northern Arizona University

Timothy W. Aurand, Northern Illinois University

Ruth Clottey, Barry University

Jeff Conant, Texas A&M University

Mike Dailey, University of Texas, Arlington

Brian Engelland, Mississippi State University

Brian Gibbs, Vanderbilt University

Thomas Gruca, University of Iowa

Mark Houston, University of Missouri, Columbia

Nicole Howatt, University of Central Florida

Gopal Iyer, Florida Atlantic University

Jack Kasulis, University of Oklahoma

Susan Keaveney, University of Colorado, Denver

Bob Kent, University of Delaware

Robert Kuchta, Lehigh University

Jack K. H. Lee, City University of New York Baruch College

Ning Li, University of Delaware

Steven Lysonski, Marquette University

Naomi Mandel, Arizona State University

Ajay K. Manrai, University of Delaware

Denny McCorkle, Southwest Missouri State University

James McCullough, Washington State University



Ron Michaels, University of Central Florida

George R. Milne, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Marian Chapman Moore, Duke University

Steve Nowlis, Arizona State University

Louis Nzegwu, University of Wisconsin, Platteville

K. Padmanabhan, University of Michigan, Dearborn

Mary Anne Raymond, Clemson University

William Robinson, Purdue University

Carol A. Scott, University of California at Los Angeles

Stanley F. Slater, Colorado State University

Robert Spekman, University of Virginia

Edwin Stafford, Utah State University

Vernon Stauble, California State Polytechnic

Mike Swenson, Brigham Young University

Kimberly A. Taylor, Florida International University

Bronis J. Verhage, Georgia State University

Philip Kotler

S. C. Johnson & Son Distinguished Professor of International Marketing Kellogg School of Management Northwestern University Evanston, Illinois

Kevin Lane Keller

E.B. Osborn Professor of Marketing Tuck School of Business Dartmouth College Hanover, New Hampshire

Pearson would like to thank Marian Burk Wood for developing content for this Global Edition and would also like to thank and acknowledge the following reviewers for their feedback and suggestions that helped improve the global content

Michael A. Grund, HWZ University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration

Yoosuf A. Cader, Zayed University

Frances Ekwulugo, University of Westminster

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A Framework for Marketing Management

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