Blockchain, Big Data and Machine Learning: Trends and Applications

BLOCKCHAIN BASIC TECHNOLOGIESBasics of Blockchain and Its ArchitectureBlock HeaderBlock IdentifiersMerkle TreesFeatures of BlockchainBlockchain and Bitcoin TransactionsHyperledger FrameworksSmart Contract Framework and Its WorkingBIG DATA SOURCE FOR BLOCKCHAINBlockchain and Big Data to Secure DataBlockhain and Big Data Technologies for Data AnalysisBlockchain for Private Big Data ManagementConfidentiality, Data integrity, and AuthenticationData ConfidentialityData IntegrityData AuthenticationSecurity Management Scenario for User Big Data in BlockchainBLOCKCHAIN USE CASES IN BIG DATAEnsuring Data IntegrityPreventing Malicious ActivitiesPredictive AnalysisReal-Time Data AnalysisManaging Data SharingAPPLICATIONS OF BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY WITH BIG DATA ANALYTICSAnti Money LaunderingCyber SecuritySupply Chain MonitoringFinancial AI SystemsMedical RecordsREFERENCESBlockchaining and Machine LearningBLOCKCHAIN FOREWORDBLOCKCHAIN AND CRYPTOCURRENCIESThe Different Types of BlockchainsWhat Is a Public Blockchain?What Is a Private Blockchain?What Is a Hybrid Blockchain?WHY DO WE NEED BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY?Why is Blockchain Technology Unique?BLOCKCHAIN: A CURRENCY FOR DATA ASSET EXCHANGEDigitization of Government ServicesGrowth of Data Banks Using BlockchainFOUR TRENDS THAT BLOCKCHAIN WILL DOMINATE IN EMERGING TECH IN 2019Traditional Companies Looking into Blockchain TechnologyReal-World Use Cases of Blockchain Technology Beyond Financial TransactionsInnovative Startups will Disrupt the Industry with Blockchain TechGovernment Bodies Have Started Implementing BlockchainMACHINE LEARNING INTRODUCTIONClassification of Machine LearningCategorizing on the Basis of Required OutputRECENT TRENDS IN MACHINE LEARNING APPLICATIONSTraffic Alerts (Maps)Social Media (Facebook)Transportation and Commuting (Uber)Products RecommendationsVirtual Personal AssistantsSelf-Driving CarsDynamic PricingGoogle TranslateOnline Video Streaming (Netflix)Fraud DetectionNews ClassificationVideo SurveillanceSpeech RecognitionRobot ControlAuthor IdentificationWHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU COMBINE BLOCKCHAIN AND MACHINE LEARNINGIncrease Computing PowerDecrease Computing CostsImprove Data IntegrityMERGING MACHINE LEARNING WITH BLOCKCHAINBLOCKCHAIN + MACHINE LEARNING: DEMOCRATIZING DATA ACCESSSynapse AlThe Benefits of Combining ML and BlockchainApplications of ML and BlockchainWhat Fields Leverage the Combination of Artificial Intelligence and the Blockchain?ADDRESSING BLOCKCHAIN AND ML LIMITATIONSCONCLUSIONREFERENCESBlockchain Databases 1DATABASEBLOCKCHAINADVANTAGES TO WHY WE USE A BLOCKCHAINDecentralizationImmutabilityTransparencySecurityTHE PROBLEMS WITH BLOCKCHAINEnergy ConsumptionScalabilitySizeHigh Transaction FeesInteroperabilityBIGCHAINDBKEY CONCEPTS OF BIGCHAINDBTransaction ModelVisualization of Transaction ModelAssetInputOutputMetadataTransaction IDGetting StartedDigital Asset DefinitionMetadata Definition (Optional)Asset TransferDECENTRALIZATIONImmutableFAULT TOLERANCE IN THE BIGCHAINDB SYSTEM(Benign) Fault ToleranceByzantine Fault TolerantQUERYING BIGCHAINDBThe CREATE TransactionThe First TRANSFER TransactionAll Other TRANSFERSEXPLORING THE STORED DATA WITH MONGODBABOUT MONGODBFLUREEFLUREE FEATURESFluree AppsFluree AdvocateFluree Cap TableFluree App FactoryREFERENCESBlockchain Databases 2INTRODUCTIONBIGCHAINDB: THE BLOCKCHAIN DATABASESMART CONTRACT: AN OVERVIEWWhat Is Smart Contract?How Smart Contract Works?Use Cases of Smart ContractsSupply ChainInternet of ThingsInsurance ClaimTRANSACTION CONCEPTS AND PERMISSIONSPermissioned Blockchain TechnologyPermissionless Blockchain TechnologyPRIVACY IN BLOCKCHAIN DATABASEFILE STORAGECentralized vs. Decentralized Storage TechniquesData ManagementCONCLUSIONSREFERENCESBlockchain Use Cases in Big DataINTRODUCTIONAn Overview about Blockchain ManagementBig Data Technology and UsesUSE OF BLOCKCHAIN IN BIG DATAEnsuring Trust (Data Integrity)Preventing Malicious ActivitiesMaking Predictions (Predictive Analysis)Real-Time Data AnalysisManage Data SharingHOW BLOCKCHAIN AND BIG DATA COMPLEMENT EACH OTHER?Data Quality and PrivacyData Transparency and AutomationBIG DATA AND BLOCKCHAIN: QUANTITY AND QUALITYDecentralizationTransparencyImmutabilityBIG DATA CHALLENGESHandling a Large Amount of DataSecurity Aspects and ConstraintsEfficiently Processing Unstructured and Semi-Structured DataComputationsCommunicationAccess ControlRandom DistributionSOLUTIONS TO BIG DATA USING BLOCKCHAINImplementation of SHA 256 with Blockchain for Big Data TechnologyData StructureMining ProcessImplementation of Digital Signature-Based Security in Big Data ManagementPublic Key Infrastructure (PKI) for Big Data SecurityAuthentication of Public Key InfrastructureUses of PKIDATA MANIPULATION OF BLOCKCHAIN AND BIG DATA TECHNOLOGYMedical Record SystemBanking and ManagementSocial Media DataSpace DataSCENARIO BASED ANALYSIS OF BLOCKCHAIN TOWARD BIG DATAAccessibility to Decentralized ToolsNew Forms of Data MonetizationFluent Data ExchangeAPPLICATION OF BIG DATA WITH BLOCKCHAINStrojFileCoinOmnilyticsDatumRublixProvenanceREFERENCESBlockchain Storage Platforms for Big DataINTRODUCTIONSWARM-MUTABLE RESOURCE UPDATES-ENS-PSSPublic GatewaysUploading and Downloading DataEthereum Name Service (ENS)Postal Service over Swarm (PSS)Swarm MutabilityINTER PLANETARY FILE SYSTEMSIA-SIACOINSiacoin Design FeaturesFeatures of SiaFuture and ImprovementsSTORJ PROTOCOL—STORJ NETWORKDifferent Design ConstraintsPrivacy and Security AspectsConcept of DecentralizationStability and Situation under Device FailureLatency in Stor) Protocol—Storj NetworkSize of ObjectsConcept of FrameworkFramework OverviewStrong ImplementationFILECOINFilecoin Used as a BlockchainSimilarities and DifferencesCONCLUSIONREFERENCESVisualizing Bitcoin Using Big Data: Mempool Visualization, Visualization, Peer Visualization, Attack Visual Analysis, High-Resolution Visualization of Bitcoin Systems, EffectivenessBITCOIN TRANSACTIONSBitcoin and VisualizationFundamentals of BitcoinBlockchainProof of WorkConsensus RulesTransactionsPay-to-Public-Key-Hash (P2PKH)Pay-to-Script-Hash (P2SH)Pay-to-Address (P2A)Multisignature TransactionOP_RETURNNon-standard TransactionsCore Concepts in BitcoinDisintermediatedDistributedDecentralizedTrustlessChallenges for Bitcoin and CryptocurrenciesVolatilityEase of UtilizationUniversal AcceptanceProspective for TheftVISUALIZING BITCOIN TRANSACTIONS USING BIG DATAInfluencing Visualizing Approaches for Big DataEconomic Visualization for Big DataReal-Time Visualization for Big DataSecurity and Analytic-Related Visualization for Big DataVolume and Flow Visualization PatternsFilter ViewCluster ViewTimeline ViewInformation VisualizationsBig Data Visual AnalyticsVISUALIZING DYNAMIC BITCOIN TRANSACTION PATTERNS USING BIG DATAMempool Big Data VisualizationPeer Big Data VisualizationBitcoin Market and Blockchain Data VisualizationBitcoin Exchanges and Dynamic Graph VisualizationAnimation ApproachTimeline ApproachHybrid ApproachReal-Time Visualization of Big DataEVALUATION OF EFFECTIVENESS OF BITCOIN VISUALIZATIONBenefits of High-Resolution Visualization of Bitcoin SystemsHuman Visual SystemExpert AnalysisEducational Primer of Bitcoin to PublicREFERENCESBlockchain and Distributed Ledger SystemINTRODUCTIONA BLOCKCHAIN PROCESSTYPES OF BLOCKCHAINPublic Blockchain NetworkPrivate Blockchain NetworkConsortium BlockchainMAJOR COMPONENTS OF A BLOCKCHAIN NETWORKPeer-to-Peer NetworkDistributed LedgerCryptographyMerkel TreeSmart ContractLAYERS OF BLOCKCHAINApplication LayerExecution LayerSemantic LayerPropagation LayerConsensus LayerBLOCKCHAIN USE CASESBanking and InsuranceHealthcare IndustrySupply ChainCHALLENGES WITH IMPLEMENTING A BLOCKCHAINDISTRIBUTED LEDGER TECHNOLOGYEvolution of Distributed Ledger TechnologyDifferent Types of DLTsBlockchainHow a Blockchain Process WorksDirected Acyclic Graph (DAG)How a DAG Process WorksHashGraphHow HashGraph Technology worksHoloChainHow HoloChain Technology worksTempo (Radix)How Tempo DLT worksPLATFORM FOR DLTsHyperLedgerR3 CordaQuorum PlatformStellarMultichainAPPLICATIONS OF DLTTradingManufacturingSupply ChainHealthcareGovernment ServicesCONCLUSION AND FUTURE SCOPEREFERENCESBlockchain and Big Data in the Healthcare SectorINTRODUCTION OF BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGYA BLOCKCHAIN PROCESSTYPES OF BLOCKCHAINSPublic BlockchainPrivate BlockchainConsortium BlockchainDifference Between Public, Private, and Consortium BlockchainBLOCKCHAIN CHALLENGESScalabilityPrivacy LeakageSelfish MiningBIG DATAEvolution of DataWHAT IS BIG DATATHE 5 Vs OF BIG DATAVolumeVarietyVelocityValueVeracityBIG DATA AS OPPORTUNITYBig Data in Finance and BankingBig Data in EducationBig Data in FarmingBig Data in Cloud ComputingBig Data ChallengesINTRODUCTION TO HEALTHCAREElectronic Health Record (EHR)Risks Involved with EHRChallenges to Electronic Healthcare RecordsSecuring EHR Using BlockchainDistributed Ledger for Healthcare AuthenticationDATA RETRIEVAL USING BLOCKCHAINDATA SHARING USING BLOCKCHAINREFERENCESTest-Driven Development Based on Your Own Blockchain Creation Using JavascriptINTRODUCTIONSetting up the EnvironmentTEST-DRIVEN DEVELOPMENT (TDD) APPROACH FOR DEVELOPER-FRIENDLY BLOCKCHAIN APIDesigning of Block ClassDesigning of Block Mining ProcessChaining of BlocksBlockchain Validation and ReplacementProof of Work (PoW) ProcessDEVELOPMENT OF REST-BASED APIs FOR BLOCKCHAIN APPLICATIONSWALLETS IN CRYPTOCURRENCYTransaction PoolCONCLUSIONREFERENCESA Study on Privacy- Preserving Models Using Blockchain Technology for loTINTRODUCTIONWhat Are the Benefits for a Member of the Blockchain Community?Blockchain Technology in IoTLITERATURE REVIEWAPPLICATIONS OF BLOCKCHAIN-ENABLED PRIVACY-PRESERVING MODELS IN IOTMobile CommunicationHealthcareAutomobilesReal-Time BusinessLegal SectorMedia and EntertainmentSecurityBLOCKCHAIN MANAGEMENT DEMONSTRATIONCONCLUSIONREFERENCESConvergence of loT, Al, and Blockchain: Technology Pathway to Swachh BharatINTRODUCTIONMotivationProblem StatementObjectiveOrganization of the ChapterREVIEW ON STATE OF THE ARTBACKGROUNDIoTAIBlockchainDESIGN AND DISCUSSIONSystem ArchitectureBankExternal TransferMintingCommunity DAOminimumQuorumdebatingPeriodlnMinutesmajorityMarginSGB FactorySWM ServerTelegram BotAPISCB SimulationFireBaseSGB ModelTransaction ModelUser DomainTools and TechnologyProcess FlowDisposalRequestAuthenticateDisposeWasteRoute OptimizationCHALLENGESCONCLUSION AND FUTURE PROSPECTSREFERENCESQuantum Computation for Big Information ProcessingINTRODUCTIONWHAT DOES THAT MEAN FOR BIG DATA?DEFINITION OF BIG DATARELATED WORKQuantum Machine LearningClassificationК-Nearest NeighborsSupport Vector MachineRegression AnalysisClusteringQuantum K-MeansQuantum K-MediansQuantum Hierarchical ClusteringOptimizationSchedulingPrivacyQUANTUM COMPUTINGWhat Is a Qubit?Single Qubit GatesHadamard GatesThe Phase GateQUANTUM COMPUTING POWERSEntanglementQuantum InterferenceQuantum Parallelism and Function EvaluationHEALTHCAREMETHODOLOGY/DISCUSSIONCONCLUSION AND FUTURE DIRECTIONSREFERENCES
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