A guide to graduate programs in counseling

SECTION I The Counseling Profession—An OverviewIntroductionWHAT IS COUNSELING?PURPOSE OF THE BOOKOVERVIEW OF THE BOOKCONSIDERATIONS FOR READING THIS BOOKGETTING STARTED ...REFERENCESThe History and Evolution of Professional CounselingHISTORICAL ROOTS OF COUNSELINGEmergence of Psychology and PsychiatryThe Industrial Revolution and the Vocational Guidance MovementThe Psychometric Movement and Trait and Factor TheoryCarl Rogers and the Mental Health MovementEVOLUTION OF COUNSELING AS A PROFESSIONProfessional Associations and UnificationDistinguishing CounselingRecognition by the Federal GovernmentUNIQUENESS OF COUNSELING AMONG HELPING PROFESSIONSOther Helping ProfessionsCOMMON ASSUMPTIONS OF PROFESSIONAL COUNSELORSWellnessSocial Justice and AdvocacyLifespan DevelopmentCultural DiversityThe Helping RelationshipA Rich Variety of Counseling SpecialtiesMODERN DEFINITION AND SCOPE OF PRACTICEREFLECTION QUESTIONSREFERENCESCareer Pathways in CounselingWHO ARE COUNSELORS AND WHAT DO THEY DO?Counselor Titles and Scope of PracticeEDUCATION REQUIREMENTS FOR COUNSELORSDegree RequirementsDoes Accreditation Matter?Specialty AreasFieldworkKNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS: TRANSLATING WHAT YOU LEARN TO WHAT YOU DOREFLECTION QUESTIONSREFERENCESCurrent Trends and Issues in CounselingOCCUPATIONAL ISSUESBureau of Labor Statistics (OOH) and Counselor SalariesPROFESSIONAL ISSUESAccreditationLicensure and CertificationCounseling OrganizationsEthical IssuesRECENT MOVEMENTSProfessional Unification and IdentityIncreasing Federal RecognitionCONCLUSIONREFLECTION QUESTIONSREFERENCESSECTION II Graduate Programs in Counseling— Personal and Practical ConsiderationsOn Becoming a Counselor—Self-ReflectingWHAT IS SELF-REFLECTION AND WHY IS IT IMPORTANT?SELF-REFLECTION IN ACTIONDIMENSIONS OF MEPERSONAL GOALS EXPLORATIONStep 1: Past GoalStep 2: Personal GoalStep 3: Professional GoalStep 4: Personal and Professional IntersectionFINAL THOUGHTSFinding and Comparing Counseling Programs—Selecting the “Perfect Fit”BEGINNING YOUR SEARCHWhere Do I Start?Refining the Search ProcessCLOSING REMARKSApplying to Graduate SchoolBEGINNING THE GRADUATE SCHOOL ADMISSIONS PROCESSGraduate School Contact ChecklistWRITING A PERSONAL STATEMENTAFTER THE GRADUATE SCHOOL APPLICATION PROCESSThe InterviewTypes of Questions You May Be AskedFINANCIAL AID CONSIDERATIONSWORKING DURING GRADUATE SCHOOLMAKING THE DECISION (COMPARING OFFERS)CONCLUSIONREFLECTION QUESTIONSREFERENCESThe Experience of Being a Graduate Counseling StudentTRANSITION TO GRADUATE SCHOOLMaintaining BalancePERSONAL GROWTH AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENTSelf-Exploration and Personal GrowthIdentity DevelopmentAssistantships and Extracurricular InvolvementMOVING INTO FIELD EXPERIENCE CLINICAL TRAININGSUMMARYREFLECTION QUESTIONSSECTION III Life After Graduate SchoolCertification and LicensureCERTIFICATION AND LICENSURECONCLUSIONREFLECTION QUESTIONSREFERENCESProfessional InvolvementPROFESSIONAL INVOLVEMENT PYRAMIDIdentifying with a Specific ProfessionBelonging to a Professional Membership OrganizationPresenting at Professional ConferencesEngaging in AdvocacyTaking on Leadership Roles in Professional OrganizationsCONCLUSIONREFLECTION QUESTIONSConclusionTIERNEY FARRY, CLINICAL MENTAL HEALTH COUNSELORFRANK JANKS, PROFESSIONAL SCHOOL COUNSELOR
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