Purpose of This Book

Multiculturalism is a concept that includes attention to perspectives on issues regarding gender, age, religion, class, sexual orientation, and variations in abilities. I have chosen to focus this book on the teaching of and learning by students from different ethnicities. Since the first edition, much has been researched and written about multicultural issues. This edition has updates on the literature and how it is reflected in the teaching of the teachers profiled in this book.

This is a book for anyone interested in gaining insight on how the reform movement in mathematics, as advocated by NCTM, is being effectively implemented with diverse students. My intention is not to present unique lessons but to show how NCTM Standards-based strategies, now embodied in the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, are being implemented in the classroom. The lessons depict the teachers’ and students’ actions that unite the goals of multicultural education with the mathematics curriculum. The teacher profiles that constitute the heart of the book are descriptions constructed from classroom visits, written statements, interviews, or videotapes of how teachers implement Standards-based lessons in their classrooms. The book highlights the profiles of teachers across the nation who have gone beyond mere awareness of reform recommendations in mathematics to conceptualizing and implementing new curricula for students of diverse students. It shows how teachers implement effective classroom instruction recommended by research and how their students respond.

Teachers and teacher educators (in-service and pre-service), mathematics professors, and curriculum supervisors and superintendents in charge of instruction will find the book of interest and useful because it provides some answers to a question many pre-service students and teachers ask: “Where are the real teachers who are effectively doing this stuff, and how are they doing it?”

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