• • Ten points each for the bar graphs (30 points total)
  • • Ten points each for each question (30 points total)
  • • 15 points each for horizontal and vertical line with labels (30 points total)
  • • Ten points for the title

Students gather around the graph papers and can be heard making comments such as, “Let’s check

to see that they have all the parts”; “Check to see if they got the questions right”; “Oh no! They

left out the title.”

Georgine: Please return your graph to the appropriate group. We will assess the homework in class using the rubric again tomorrow. Here is what you have to do: You have already completed the graphs for the whole class’s data for today’s homework. How many of you would have gotten 100%? (No one raises a hand.) What I want you to do tonight is to review that graph and to be sure that all of the elements that we decided are important are present. Tomorrow we will grade each other’s papers for a related problem, and I will enter the grade in my book. You should all get 100% this time, right? (Students nod.)

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