Processing Stage: Fullsteam Brewery

Sean Lilly Wilson is an entrepreneur whose focus is craft beer and introducing unique versions of his product; one of his goals is to create a culture, a sense of place and tradition. He interacts actively with his mesosytem, exosystem, and microsystems. Prior to opening Fullsteam, he led an innovative venture that engaged organizations to change legislation to positively impact the industry to the benefit of his business and competitors’ businesses. His collaborative business practices with competitors, government agency officials, trade organizations, and food truck vendors reflect his business sense and a desire to work for the benefit of the industry. He counsels others but also asks for guidance from industry partners; he is welcoming to new members of the industry and customers. He was interacting with customers early, primarily through social media, before opening the business, to build the networks and client base; therefore, he established a new mesosystem among the customers, his interns, and business school contacts. Sean looks out for complementary businesses in the community, through a series of actions, from utilizing bank loans to looking at protecting the neighborhood in which the warehouse exists.

Sean’s traits include an unassuming openness to competitors and clients and a desire to opt for a different direction (marketing or merchandising) from the industry, to name a few. The demand for craft beer is a trend that has assisted him in innovating a local beer culture. He anticipates customers’ preferences, staying ahead of the trends forging new products and concepts while sourcing local whenever possible. His work in making a difference in legislation for the benefit of the industry is both a reflection of social entrepreneurship while interacting with various networks in line with EST.

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