Issues and Challenges of Smart Villages in India

There is a huge requirement for smart technology to be used in these smart villages. There is a need of proper financial resources and a market to create these smart technologies. But as of now there are a lot of constraints to get the ecosystem ready for financial resources as well as for proper marketization.


Ecosystem of a smart village.

Budget Constraints

There is a huge issue of budget constraints, which essentially has limited innovative thinking and created obstacles for many other initiatives. The budget constraints have created many hindrances for a lot of smart initiatives that if properly nurtured could be more cost- effective and efficient (UK Government Press, 2013).

Smart Technology

It is considered that smart technology for these smart villages is still in the precommercial or in some cases the conceptual stage. And since the technology is in the pre-mature or conceptual stage, it generates uncertainties regarding return on investment as far as financial parameters are concerned. This also results in apprehension of a long payback period, and investors are unwilling to invest, which contributes to financial uncertainties for smart technology initiatives (Hirst et al., 2012).

Lack of Knowledge

The other challenges related to smart village initiatives in India is the lack of knowledge of the people using modern technology. The citizens' experience of these smart technology initiatives has largely not been good for several reasons, one of which is due to the paucity of knowledge of the common people as to how to use modern digital technologies, Internet and other modern technology, and also the fact that there are very few people, especially in rural areas of India, as with other parts of the developing world, who know how to efficiently use and apply modern digital technologies, such as "smart meters" (Bracknell Forest Homes). There are other constraints that, though not so vital, also deserve mention, such as lack of technology-related skills, constraints on integration, and limited understanding and influence over the basic available services.

Issues such as data privacy and security and political interferences also do not help to overcome the issue.

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