Study Guide Questions

1. Most Americans seem to have little or no accurate knowledge about whether crime is

a. Going up or down in their community b. Something to be concerned about

c. A rational behavior

d. A good or bad thing

2. According to the NCVS, criminal victimization has been steadily declining for more than

a. 5 years

b. 10 years

c. 20 years

d. 30 years

3. Comparing the UCR Program to the NCVS, it is found that

a. Most crimes are reported to the police

b. More than half of all crimes are not reported

c. Most murders are never reported

d. More than two-thirds of all crimes are solved

4. According to the UCR Program, African Americans make up about 12% of the general population, but account for about

a. 98% of all violent crime arrests

b. 75% of all violent crime arrests

c. 42% of violent crime arrests

d. 12% of all violent crime arrests

5. Crimes in the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports are grouped into two broad categories, which are

a. Murder and rape

b. Assault and battery

c. Serious crimes and nonserious crimes

d. Violent crimes and property crimes

6. The NCVS focuses on

a. Criminals and their disordered minds

b. Victims and their victimization

c. The motives of criminal offenders

d. The reasons why criminals hurt others

7. CAD, ArcGIS, and RMS all give crime and intelligence analysts the ability to

a. Access and analyze data

b. Solve crimes on the spot

c. Work shorter hours

d. Find private information about people

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