BUSINESS EXPERIENCES: EXAMPLES website analyses millions of background processes daily, as well as inquiries from more than half a million vendors from a third party. Amazon relies mainly on the Linux system to be able to deal with Linux databases with the world, which has a capacity of 24.7 and 18.5 terabytes with this huge amount of data, and Amazon has 73.8.

More than a million transactions per hour, which are imported into the Walnrart chain of stores (contains 2.5 terabytes), are as much as 2560 petabytes of data, twice the data in all books in the library of congr ess, which equals 167 billion photos from the users base. Credit cards are protected. Facebook deals with 2.1 billion online accounts in the world. Windermere company helps 100 million divers to buy a new house and eliminate their driving hours from and work.


Under the changes and global directions, institutions endeavored to keep pace with them and adopt all technologies by collecting information and electronically exchange it with institutions or between costumers which reflected positively on its performance which can be said that: [1]

  • • Global organizations are competing for the best use of big data because of their role in strategic decision-making.
  • • Making the right derision depends on the ability to control big data.

Finally, we suggest the following:

  • • Pay attention to big data and adopting modem technologies for processing.
  • • Establish cooperation centers between international institutions for optimal exploitation of big data.
  • • Strive to establish private educational institutions for how to exploit big data and like the process of strategic decision-making.
  • • Big data needs competent people to exploit them in the fullest.
  • • Give importance to big data in Algeria in order to keep up with changes and reach the level of challenging countries on the technological side.
  • • Pursuit to control big data analysis in order to take advantage of its content.
  • • Continue researches and studies about this topic because of its importance currently.


  • • big data
  • • globalization
  • • petabytes
  • • strategic decision-making
  • • Walmart chain
  • • zettabytes


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  • [1] The degree of decision-making is affected by bout the subject ofdata and its role in making a str ategic decision, so we got to know itsconceptual aspect by giving scientific examples from reality. • Big data is a subject of the times that require institutions to pay attention to it and adopt modem techniques to address them because theyare very difficult. • Strategic decision-making is the fate of institutions and thereforeseeks to adopt all methods to make the perfect decision.
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